Let’s see, what’s there to say about me??  Well for starters, I’m a girl trying to make it in life, just like everyone else.  I will freely and respectfully give you my opinion. In most situations, outside of work of course, I think it, I say it, it’s just my way. I will listen to your opinion and value your thoughts as long as they are respectful. My most fluent language is sarcasm.  I am a  teacher who used to work in the glamorous world of public relations, as a freelance professional.

I’m an OC housewife with two four legged furbabies Sammy the Great, AKA Samwise Gamgee (What can I say, I was a Lord of the Rings fan) AKA Sammy, AKA Sam and my little street pup Practically Perfect Except for the Trash Digging Princess Mia, AKA Meme, AKA Miss Mia, AKA Really the Best Dog in the World. I know, I know, too many AKAs. They’re really just Sam and Mia.

I live in the wonderful world of Disney AKA Orange County, but I’m doing my darnedest to get out, Long Beach or bust baby.

I won’t talk politics, I won’t talk religion, I don’t see dead people. You never talk politics or religion with family and friends, it just ruins a good relationship. I love to read and write as a hobby.  My dream is to be the next best American Author or Playwright.  I like wine, the theater, art and museums. I like movies, I’m not a huge fan of TV, but I do like the occasional show, I like music, I like to dance and I love to laugh.  I love my family, my mommy, daddy, brothers, nephews and nieces, hubby too. (PS there’s nothing wrong with a grown woman calling her parents mommy and daddy)

I’ve been married now to the same man for a whopping nine years, it feels like 90 (just kidding, see my most fluent language is starting to show).  He’s a good guy, with a big heart. We argue about the small things, fret about the big things, but what it all comes down to is, I couldn’t imagine him not being around.  

Currently I’m the editor of children’s work (AKA English Teacher). When I’m not shaping the minds of our future, writing on my blog or cooking, I can be found out and about in Orange County or Los Angeles. I’m an avid coffee enthusiast, I love going to the movies with my hubby, singing at the top of my lungs to my favorite tunes, reading great novels (and some not so great), being an advocate for all animals and user of all things organic.  While I’m not “unemployed”, I did begin this blog while on sabbatical from teaching and while venturing into the mad-mad world of Public Relations.  I live by the motto of “dance like you think no one is watching and sing like you think no one is listening.” Remember, when you’re dead no one is going to remember what kind of purse you carried or what kind of car you drove, it’s the memories you make that count the most!

I’m a little Portuguese/Dutch girl, who grew up in My Big Fat Portuguese/Dutch Community…. Literally.  Look up Artesia and you’ll see what I mean! Oh and I just found out I’m part Jewish and Italian, go figure!!