I’m Excited, it’s my First Blog!!

This is my first blog. I’ve never written one so it may be a rough start, but I will try my best. At first I wanted to review books that I read, and I will, but I have more to talk about than just books. So I’ve decided to write about whatever is on my mind. Kind of like my own personal growth story.

A little bit about myself, first, I should say that I have been out of work since June of last year. It has been a pretty difficult time for me, but I have managed to keep myself busy with things that I enjoy. During this time I gained 30 pounds , (not something that I am happy about), but I am working hard to lose the excess of me that I don’t like and I will talk and be open about my struggle. Second, if I think it I usually say it, which at some times can get me into trouble. I am open, sarcastic and am willing to make fun of myself. I make many mistakes and therefore I am willing laugh at me and will laugh at others, when they are deserving of it! Third, my stream of consciousness is like a runaway train. I move from one topic to another, kind of like my life story. Fourth, I’m married with two dogs, (just had to throw that in!).

Now, enough about me and down to business, my first book review:

I recently finished reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows. The story, without giving anything away, is about the effects that WWII and the German occupation had on the people of Guernsey Island. Guernsey Island is one of the Channel Islands, owned by England and located in the English Channel near France. When my book club suggested this book, I was not in the mood to read another story about WWII. I am in multiple book clubs and have read roughly five books on the subject. The title I thought was ridiculously hard to remember (and to write out in this blog). When I was looking for this book, I kept asking people for “The Potato Peel Society”. Everyone still understood what book I was requesting and with good reason, it was great to read! It was quick and hard to put down.

The book is written as correspondence back and forth between The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society members and Juliet Ashton, who is looking to write her next novel. From here we learn why the members start their own book club and why it’s entitled, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Although this book is fiction and its characters are fiction, you can’t help but become engaged in their lives and think that they actually did exist.

This book went through the whole gambit of emotions from, sadness to happiness to just wanting to laugh out loud. Two of my favorite characters were Eben Ramsey and Isola Pribby.

Eben’s character was the most compelling and every time I read one of his letters I broke out in tears. Isola’s character was the most endearing. She reminded me of a feisty grandma, who like me, thinks it, says it and doesn’t care what others think. She made me laugh out loud when I really shouldn’t have been laughing.

Keep a pen and paper by your side when reading this book because keeping all of the characters in order was quite a challenge. The book really began to pick up when the society members were sharing their stories with Juliet.

Overall this book was a joy to read with compelling stories and characters. It is a book that I recommend.