Let’s Talk Twilight

Let’s talk Twilight…I’ll talk Twilight. After having the complete collection of books since 2008, I finally finished the last book in the series, Breaking Dawn. This was planned in time for the movie of course!!

Let me start off by saying that I’m not a Twilight hater, I enjoyed the novels and can’t compare the last book to the movie just yet because I’m probably the only person in the world who hasn’t seen it.  I’m waiting for Breaking Dawn to go to the discount theater.  If I hate it I won’t feel so bad if I only had to pay $2!

Let’s be honest, Stephanie Meyer is never going to be a Pulitzer Prize award winning novelist (I won’t be either).  I don’t think she set out to do that anyway.  She wants to entertain the masses, with a hidden agenda. Like the Harry Potter books (I never read those) that came before, Twilight got young America (and some older America) to read and I can give her many kudos for that.

Reading in Central Park

The Twilight Saga started out strong, faltered a bit in New Moon, came back in Eclipse, and lost me in Breaking Dawn.  New Moon, I really couldn’t stand Bella’s constant moping around.  There are other supernatural fish in the sea chick-a -dee (insert laughter here).  

Eclipse, (and the previous books) I read so long ago.  I do remember the history of the characters and the big battle scene at the end.  Maybe it’s because I’m a huge history buff, but I liked learning about the characters’ pasts.  

Breaking Dawn part one I liked, the rest, NOT SO MUCH (insert sad face here, please).  I won’t give anything away, but as most of the world has already read these books, I do have to say what a complete lackluster ending to a series that had much promise. Really Ms. Meyer you should taken a page out of Eclipse and ended the series on a stronger note. P.S. Renesmee’ s name sucked and her carrying on full blown conversations as a two week old, frightened me, just like clowns do! Not to mention the fact that there were so MANY errors in this book, for example, page 678, and I quote, “As long Jacob was with Renesmee, she would be all right.” Really, shouldn’t the trained editor pick up on this?  I don’t blame Stephanie Meyer, that’s what trained editors are for people!!  It’s hard to edit ourselves.  If I, the average everyday reader, can see the editing mistakes, shouldn’t you too?  You want to give me a book editing job? I love to read 🙂

Now the hidden agenda.  While I am a modern working OC Housewife, the emphasis on the traditional roles of women were pretty prevalent throughout the series.   I also cannot condone the imprinting of a child; it seems too creepy no matter how they describe it in the book.  I’m not her religion, although I do respect a person’s personal and religious beliefs.

All in all, I’ll never truly be a member of team Jacob or of team Edward because I’m a member of team Spike and of team Angel, go team Angel!! (For the Buffyverse peeps).  We all have our generation of vampires to enjoy. For me it was Anne Rice’s Louis and Lestat and Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Spike and Angel. (I have the complete collection of Buffy and Angel on DVD)

All of you Twihards, please note, that while I’m not exactly one of you, I do see the entertainment value in the books, I do appreciate the fact that Stephanie Meyer got people reading and I’m looking forward to the Host. 🙂

The Twilight Saga gets 3 Gerber Daisies out of 5 I liked Twilight and Eclipse, that has to say something, right!!

To quote Muriel Rukeyser, American poet, best known for her poems about equality, feminism, social justice and Judaism, and political activist, “The universe is made up of stories, not of atoms.”