The Good and the Bad of ColourPop’s Super Shock Eye Shadow

All summer long I’ve been playing around with ColourPop’s Super Shock Eye Shadow. Some I love and some I will absolutely hate (hate is a harsh word, dislike is better). Some, as a matter of fact, I will probably get rid of before finishing the pot. At only $5 a piece I don’t feel too bad about getting rid of the shades I don’t like.

I know that I am probably the wrong demographic for this brand. The employees are well versed in Social Media, as am I, but that’s neither here nor there. Their announcements are all made on Instagram and Snap Chat. Everything is abundantly colorful, hence the name ColourPop. I have never felt my age until I watched a ColourPop Snap Chat. This is the future for business…. ugh Millennials.

Back to the actual product. The eye shadow comes in a little plastic white pot. The product itself is squishy, velvety and feels both wet and powderey all at the same time. It’s hard to use a brush with these eye shadows. Brushes don’t pick up the product. I have seen bloggers say to use a synthetic brush to apply the color, but please. Brushes DO NOT work, I’ve tried and I only use synthetic brushes. You really have to apply the color using your fingers, which sucks and is quite gross. I have an elf brush that blends the crease out nicely, but I have to first put the shadow on my lid with my finger then blend.

I’ve only used a few of the finishes; Matte, Metallic (there is a lot of fall out), Ultra-Metallic (again they have a lot of fall out), pearlized and pressed pigment. I can deal with the fall out of the metallics, my least favorites have to be the Matte finish shadows, especially the light colors. Most of the light colors, I’ll never repurchase again anyway, it’s doesn’t matter the finish. I’m on the fence with a few. Some colors are very similar, for example Midnight and Hammered, LA LA and Weenie. You don’t need both. 

I find that using the pink, purple and blue colors are harder for me to create a look for than the neutrals. It may just be because I’m gravitating more to neutral palette than the bright colors.  I have so many beautiful BareMineral pigments in pink, purple and blue that I like so much better than these.

I want to make it very clear that these were purchased with my own money. I’ve heard that YouTubers and Bloggers praise these products just to help the company build its reputation and get free stuff. I’m definitely not one of those people. If I don’t like it, I will tell you. 

For this list, I’ll categorize them by by finish and I’ll start with the colors I really like.

The Good (Colors I will repurchase): 

Ultra Metallic/Metallic 

Lovely: Soft Gold, metallic. This is really pretty over a powder shadow to add some sparkle. 

Liberty: Silver, ultra metallic. OMG this is an amazing color all on it. It’s like liquid metal. I used it on the 4th of July as an all over the lid color.

Sugar: Silver Blue, metallic. This is a pretty color that I use alone all over the lid. Sugar was one of the first colors I bought. It has a lot of fallout. 

I Heart This: Cool Toned Taupe, metallic.This also looks great over a powdered shadow to add a little something special. This is one of my favorite colors. It has a ton of fallout though.

Eye Candy: Lavender, metallic. I really like this color a lot, but as I said earlier purple shades are harder to use, so I’m on the fence with this color. 

La La: True Rose Gold, ultra metallic. It’s a very pretty color, but similar to Weenie. I like to use LA LA all over the lid. 

Krinkle: Smokey Blue, metallic. It’s a really pretty color all over the eye.

Bae: Eggplant Purple, metallic. This is a pretty color in the crease.

Hammered: Olive, metallic. This is a pretty color to use on it’s own all over the lid.

Bubbly: True pink, metallic. I like to use this color over my BareMineral eye shadow. I am on the fence with this one.

Cricket: Warm plum with cool highlights, metallic.  I love this color in the crease. I used it with the e.l.f. baked shadow in Pixie and I Heart This.

So Quiche: Soft olive with gold and pink violet glitter, metallic. I use this on the crease or the outer corner.

3: Cool toned bronze, metallic. This is really pretty as a crease color. 

Get Lucky: Rich gold, ultra metallic. This is pretty as an all over color. 

Fringe: Champagne with gold and silver, metallic. This is pretty over a powder eye shadow.

Stereo: Black Burgundy, metallic. This is a really pretty crease color. 

Nillionaire: Warm bronze, metallic. This is pretty in the crease, but similar to so many other colors I own. 

Midnight: Black undertone with gold, metallic. This is a pretty crease color but too similar to Hammered.


Tink: Charcoal grey. This works good in the crease bit a bit hard to use.

Effect: Teal. Nice in the outer corner

Bill: Plum Beige. This is nice in the crease.

Fairfax: Blackened Brown. Nice crease color. 

Hanky Panky: Cool toned taupe. I’m on the fence about this one. The color does not look anything like what’s described on the website. This is a problem with some of the colors, buyer beware. 

Party Time: Dusty Mauve


Weenie: Rose gold pink: This is so much like La La, but I think I like this one better. 

Partridge: Saddle brown: This isn’t like what is described on the website. I’m on the fence with this color too.

Mixed Tape: Cool Gray

Coconut: Peacock teal: I’m up in the air with this one. It’s a bit hard to use.

Flower Shop: Blue green. This is pretty all over the lid.  

The Bad (Colors I’ll never repurchase):

Glow:  Creamy Vanilla, matte. This has no pigment and is pointless. 

Slave 2 Pink: Neon pink. This is a pressed pigment. From what I hear the pressed pigment have chemicals that haven’t been approved by the FDA for eye shadow. I didn’t know beforehand. I’m throwing it out. 

Acorn: Cool toned beige, pearlized. Not enough pigment. I don’t like it. I’ll never get it again. 

Vanity Fair: Brown. Only because I can’t find it on the ColourPop website, it may have been discontinued. I liked this in my crease. 

Girly: Creamy Vanilla, pearlized. This again is too light and has no pigment. 

Colors I’d still like to try:

Matte: Girl Crush, Cop a Feel, Central Perk (Friends is my favorite TV show), Hustle, Pearlized: Luckfully, Lace, Supermodel, Metallic: Envy, Dare, Porter, Sequin, Satin:  Cheeky, Truth, Wattles Tie-Dye: Pop Rocks, Meow and Summer Lovin

I’ll share my favorite lip products next. I’ll separate that into two posts, the lippies and the liquids.