Teatro Martini: Dinner and a Show

What once housed Buena Park’s Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show (not many people will remember that, it closed in 2005) is now a Pirates Dinner Adventure along with an adults only cabaret show called Teatro Martini. A few weeks ago our friends Anthony and Raquel invited us to Teatro Martini to celebrate Raquel’s and Tim’s (my husband) birthdays. Thankfully they had a deal, two tickets for $75. Tickets normally go for $59.95 for Friday and $69.95 for Saturday. Teatro Martini Showtimes and Tickets

The show comes with hor’dorves and a bar in the lobby and then dinner by the mail stage. What’s great about this particular show is that you can pick your meal. It comes with a tomato soup, salad and your choice of chicken, steak, vegetarian or salmon, for a $12.95 upgrade you can get a lobster tail and a dessert. I’m actually happy with the choices. I don’t eat steak, so having the other options is nice. Is the food amazing? It’s ok. it’s standard dinner theater food. Nothing special. The same cannot be said about the delicious cocktails. I had a couple of the Ruby Martinis and they were amazing!! You can purchase a special martini glass, a leg with a fishnet stocking. I didn’t get one. Teatro Martini Menu 

The Ruby Martini

You can upgrade your ticket to VIP status for $15. This gets you front row seats. Other upgrades are available depending on the celebration. Teatro Martini Upgrades

The show was very entertaining. That night we got to enjoy the comedic stylings of magician Naathan Phan “Magic Asian Man”. Naathan was very funny and extremely entertaining.  I don’t know too much about Teatro Martini and the entertainment lineup. Does it change weekly? It would be nice to see Naathan Phan again. His show was very interactive. My favorite part of Phan’s show was the multiplying doves. That’s really the only way I could describe it. Eventually these doves become a bunny. I love animals. The doves were cute, the bunny was cute.  Pham’s Scottish accent was also fun to listen to. Yep, that’s what I said, as Scottish accent.  You have to hear it to believe it, so when you can, check out one of his shows.  

The entire show had audience interaction and not the lame interaction from other shows in the area.  It reminded me a bit of dinner mystery theater. This is certainly not a show for kids, as some of the interaction is a bit risque. It was nothing too embarrassing, a little bit sexual, and very entertaining.  If you’re a prude, go down the street to Medieval Times. 
Audience Interaction 

There is also an acrobatics performer, and dancing and singing. It was a really fun night and I’m glad I had the opportunity to see it. My husband and I were actually wanting to go to their New Year’s Eve celebration this past New Year’s but by the time we tried to get tickets, it was sold out.  

I’ve been to the Pirates show, I’ve been to Teatro Martini, I’ve been to Medieval times. I’ve seen the Medieval Times show more recently than the Pirates Dinner Adventure show. I really can’t remember the Pirates show so I’d like to check that one out again. The Medieval Times show is always the same. The script doesn’t change. Is Teatro Martini the same? I hope not. Will I see it again? Maybe with family visiting from out of town. I would totally recommend this show.  

Saying goodnight 

On a side note, something was wrong with my formatting, so just deal with it, sorry. On a second side note, this post was written very early in July, but I got very sick and had to recover. Anyway, go and see the show. It’s a fun time!