Summer 2017

It’s my last official day of MY summer and I’m sitting in MY favorite spot (the coffee shop), reflecting on MY summer. While it wasn’t quite the adventure of last year, I have a lot to look back on. The summer started off great. My hubby and I celebrated our nine year wedding anniversary at the fair in Del Mar. Was that an interesting adventure!! The fairgrounds were beautiful. We stayed at the Hilton, right across the street from the fair. What a convenient location to stay. We didn’t have to bother with traffic, driving a car or paying for parking. We just walked to the fair. The hotel itself was pretty. Our room was standard. They had a beautiful pool, which we didn’t use and an amazing bar in the middle of the grounds, with a fire place, where we could relax on couches. 

I’ve decided that the Orange County Fair is my favorite. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it this year. By the time the OC Fair rolled around, I was very sick and we couldn’t go.  I’m very upset that I missed out on Terrie’s Berries. I don’t like the fried fair food, so Terrie’s Berries candy apples are my one splurge. There’s always next year. I think we may hit up the LA county fair this year. It’s been ages since I’ve gone and I don’t think my husband ever has. 

The summer blockbusters were a bust. I didn’t find much to be happy about when it came to the movies this year. Nothing really peaked my interest. There were a few I loved. Wonder Woman was amazing. I loved it! Girls Trip was super funny and The Glass Castle was great too (not funny at all). During the summer I’m usually at the movies at least once a week. Not this year. Every year I make two lists. My 10 favorite movies from January to June and then from July to December. 

I read a few books, but then stopped when I got sick. I only read three. Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella, Pretty in Plain by Jen Lancaster and Blood Brothers by Nora Roberts. I’ve never read a book by a Nora Roberts or a Danielle Steel or a Janet Evanovich or any other author in this genre. I always felt that they were beneath me. I know that’s smug and snobbish, but I have seen the light. The book wasn’t bad. It was readable and fun and quick. Since it’s a trilogy I have two more to go. I started reading Voyager by Diana Gabaldon. This is the book I stopped when I got sick. I love the Outlander series and have to finish this before season three this fall. 

I spent some time at the gym. I was going a lot at the beginning of the summer but stopped when I got sick. I was out of commission completely for two weeks. I didn’t leave the house unless it was to a doctor’s appointment. I started to emerge the 3rd week, but really maintained and continue to maintain a low profile. 

I did a no makeup buy for July and shopped my stash all month long. I have a lot of makeup. Every week I change out my eye shadow palette. I hit pan in my Sweet Peach Too Faced palette. I love that one the most. It sat on my nightstand for the weeks I was out of commission. August 31st Too Faced is coming out with their Peaches and Cream line and I’m ready. There are a few things I will be getting from that line. I didn’t get much from the original line. I bought two of the lip oils and of course the shadow palette. I realized I never posted a review of the Sweet Peach palette. I’ll hold off until I purchase the Peaches and Cream.

August also saw the Grand Opening of the NYX Cosmetics store in the Cerritos Mall. The Ultimate Multi Finish palette in Sugar High is amazing. I also bought the Epic Ink in Hearbreaker. It’s a stain and I love it!! They were having an online sale so I bought another palette in Warm Rust and two of their Pin-Up Pout Lipsticks in Bombshell, a hot pink and Darling a light pink. Both of these palettes are great complementary palettes to the Too Faced Sweet Peach. NYX is beginning to be my favorite drug store cruelty free brand.  

When we were in San Diego, I bought a few things from 100% Pure. I’ve seen the brand at the Del Amo mall, but never tried anything from them. I’m trying to be more organic and pure. 

I also bought some makeup from Kiko. They’re cruelty free too and I can’t wait to try it out! My mom and I stopped at the mall after one of my doctor’s appointments and this was my treat. I had to have a blood test that day. Instead of a sucker, I got makeup. 

My car was in the shop the first few weeks of the summer, so we were down a car. I got up every morning at 6:10 and drove my hubby to work. I would go back home and nap, but it wasn’t the same. 

I bought a new laptop! It’s what I’m using to write this blog. The same day, we celebrated my hubby’s 47th birthday. 

I didn’t see many of my friends this summer, with the exception of a few. Again, it’s because I got sick. 

I spent a lot of time with these friends. Sammy and Mia playing in a box.

I love spending summer days with my dogs. They’re the cutest and the best. My Mia had surgery. The day after her surgery I was in the ER.  I’m glad I had my little buddies to keep me company while I recovered. Mia went to the groomers a week before her surgery and came out with a pink tale.

After the groomers

After surgery. Sweet baby girl.

My mom bought a beautiful new bird. I love animals. 

One final great thing of the summer, my nephew had his major league pitching debut. I won’t talk about who he is, but as a family we couldn’t be more proud of his accomplishments. The middle of July, he pitched against the Angels. So many family members and friends came out to show their support.  Watching him pitch has been a major highlight of the summer. 

My summer is over and while that’s sad, I have so many things to look forward to coming up in the next few months. The hubs and I have a few trips planned. One to Vegas (we go every year) and the other to Chicago!! I’ve never been and can’t wait to explore the city.