Week 1 My Life Limiting Social Media

I’m sitting once again in my favorite locale, the coffee shop, sipping on the “new” Fall flavors. Not a Pumpkin Spice Latte, in my case an Iced Toasted Vanilla Brown Sugar Latte, I added some cinnamon too, yum yum. Anyway, I digress. Last week I decided to limit my social media usage. I have completely “gone off” Facebook, very rarely Tweet, Snap once in a while and barely go on Instagram. I’ve decided that I feel fine being “antisocial”. Here’s why…..

1. I’ve gotten further in the book I was reading, Voyager, by Diana Gabaldon. The new season of Outlander starts tomorrow and I haven’t finished the third book. I started reading it in July. Then I got sick and stopped reading completely. 

2. I spend more time talking to my hubby and playing with my puppies.

3. I do more things around the house.

4. I stay latter at work, to finish my grading, so that I don’t have to take things home over the weekend. This may not really be the result of staying off social media. This year I’ve decided to stay at work until 5, every night, so I can spend that time grading on weekdays. I’d rather reserve my weekends to doing the things I love, like sitting in a coffee shop, sipping my favorite fall drink. It’s peaceful in my classroom, I’m not tempted to pickup my phone and see what everyone is doing.

5. I’ve been going to be earlier. I get up every morning at 5. By not spending time on social media, I get a much better night’s rest.

So far, I’m really liking the “antisocial” thing. I completely understand the irony of blogging about how antisocial I’m being.  Anyway, see you next week!