I Spend TOO Much Money on Stuff.

Looking back on my 2017, I’ve realized that I spend way too much money on “stuff” (a word I tell my students never to use in an essay). I’m not talking about the essentials like groceries, gas, car payment and utilities, I’m talking about all of the other things. Do I think that I’m a compulsive shopper? Maybe, that’s why I’m trying to set some goals for myself. I have to STOP shopping. 

I was unemployed for 2 years and didn’t shop at all. I wore clothes with holes and spent all the money that I had saved. Don’t get me wrong, I have a savings now, but It doesn’t have quite the amount that I would like or that I once had prior to my unfortunate circumstance (unemployment).  I learned at that time, that I didn’t need “stuff” just because I wanted it. I really have to go back to that way of thinking. Just because I want something doesn’t mean I need it.

Listed below are the things I spend my money on. I use my gift cards, but often times I go over the amount and have to spend some of my own money. 

1.  Makeup:  I’m obsessed with it. Days that I go without, my husband tells me I look beautiful. I know I don’t wear it for him. I wear it for me. Putting on a face of makeup is very relaxing to me. It’s like an art project, where you’re painting a picture, in this case the picture is your face. 

2. Clothes: What girl doesn’t like clothes? (and weights fluctuate, unfortunately).

3.  Shoes: See the comment from above.

4. Jewelry: Same sentiment as point #2

5. Purses: Same as above, BUT!!!! Once a year my husband go to Vegas. There is an outlet mall that we go to and  I usually hit up the Coach outlet store. I have one not to far from me. For some reason we never shop there.  In 2016, my husband and I went to Orlando and also went to the outlet mall there. I bought a bag, so when we traveled to Vegas in 2016, I didn’t buy a thing. When we went to Vegas for the new year, I bought two.

6.  Books:  I love to read, but I have a backlog of books that would keep me entertained for the next five years. Many of my books (except those purchased at Barnes and Nobel with a gift card) are bought at used book stores or library book sales. 

7.  Movies: My husband and I got to the movies often. I love movies because I don’t have to give them the long term commitment I would a television show. Don’t get me wrong, I have a few shows I watch on regular T.V., I just prefer film. We know how expensive movies can be. 

8.  Coffee: I get Starbucks for free, It’s a Grind I have to pay for. 

9.  Travel:  From this list, this is probably my favorite thing to do. An airplane ticket is very pricey, let alone two.

10: Entertainment other than movies: My husband and I like to do new things. This means tickets to Cirque de Soleil, concerts, musicals, plays, art exhibits, etc. These things cost money, but they’re also giving us AMAZING experiences. This isn’t considered “stuff”, therefore these are the things that I will continue to spend my money on. 

For the month of January I implemented a “no buy zone”, meaning that I am not buying anything other than food for the household. I will be shopping from my own stash. And as I write this, I realized that I did buy some shower gel and a blush from Flower Beauty. I also needed cotton balls, so I’m not sure if that counts. 

Moral of this lesson, I hated being unemployed, I really did, but I liked having a more simple life.