A Year to be Thankful Day 18 and 19: Three Things That Make Me Happy

I skipped yesterday because I fell asleep early. Today I’ll post Friday and Saturday.

Day 18 Friday:

1.  I got a lot of work done at the coffee shop.

2. I’m back down (weight wise) to where I was before the Holiday. I only gained 4 pounds, but still.

3.  It’s rainy!! We get so little rain, so when it does, I enjoy it.

Day 19 Saturday:

1.  It’s so cold and windy out. I love it, especially because we don’t normally get it. The last two weeks have been in the high 80’s so a little relief is nice. It makes me happy to use a blanket.

2.  I met my friend at the coffee shop.

3. I’m enjoying some quiet time at my mom’s house.