Top 10 Movies of 2017

Looking over my two lists of top 10 movies of 2017, I’ve decided to do an overall top 10 of both lists. Narrowing my top 20 to an overall top10 is a wee bit harder for me. This is how I decided the list: 1. In the course of the year, did I watch this movie more than once? 2. Is this a movie that I would like to own or ran out to buy when it was released on DVD? her 

Here are the links to the other two top 10s. 

January-June 2017

July-December 2017

Here goes…..

10.  Coco. I have a Disney movie collection.

9.  Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tells. I collect Disney movies, especially if Orlando Bloom is in them. 

8.  How to Be a Latin Lover. This movie is so freaking hilarious!!!

7.  The Greatest Showman. I love the music!!

6.  Girl’s Trip. Another hilarious movie.

5.  Ingrid Goes West.  This is twisted on so many levels.

4.  Logan. What can I say, I love Hugh Jackman.

3. Thor: Ragnorak. What can I say, I love Australians.  

2.  Hidden Figures. This is a beautiful movie that everyone should see and then own.

1. Wonder Woman. Little girls want to be just like Wonder Woman. I know I did when I was young, underoos and all.

So, that concludes my 2017 movie viewing. This year, I’m making it a goal to watch a film outside of my immediate comfort zone. I’ll try something new, like maybe a military movie.