Black Panther Review

****For some reason, the coloring is off on this blog. I tried to fix it the best I could. Sorry in advance. 

How can I come across in this review and not sound like a Debbie Downer? I had super high expectations for Black Panther and while my expectations weren’t quite met, I still enjoyed the movie.

First off, the last Marvel outing, Thor Ragnarok, blew my mind. Every other Marvel film will now be set to that standard. It took Thor, three outings before they finally succeed in making a cool film. Even Kenneth Branagh couldn’t get it right. 

Black Panther is such a multi-faceted character, he’s a king and a superhero. He must protect the people of Wakanda, and yet also be a part of regular society. I loved his (Black Panther’s) first outing in Captain America: Civil War. I love Chadwick Boseman! He’s very nice too look at, especially on the cover of Rolling Stones Magazine. On that note, here’s what I thought about the characters/actors.  

I’ve loved Chadwick Boseman since 42 and he was great in Marshall too. He is amazing as T’Challa. Lupita Nyong’o as Nakia is great too, but I couldn’t help but hear the voice of Maz Canata (I wonder why?). My favorite character by far was Letitia Wright as T’Challa’s sister, Shuri. She was funny and strong willed and kicked some butt on her own. I couldn’t help but feel annoyed at Michael B. Jordan’s, Erik Killmonger. I get that he’s upset about being left behind, but what about his mother? She isn’t mentioned except for once, when they say that his father, Sterling K. Brown (Randall from This Is Us, the BEST show on the planet) fell in love with an American. We don’t know much about his life growing up. T’Challa had no idea that this man existed. Why must T’Challa pay for the sins of his father, who wasn’t a bad guy to begin with. I don’t clearly understand why T’Challa’s dad didn’t take Erik with him in the end anyway. This is the problem I had with the movie. The fact that Michael B. Jordan’s character felt to entitled to a throne that didn’t belong to him.  In the end there was no redemption in his character either, and that annoyed me. 

The action was just ok. There weren’t too many on-the-edge-of-your-seat moments. I thought those  very few moments, were what we were given in the promos/commercials for the movie. There were a few fight scenes, but nothing to wow me the way Captain America: Civil War did. My husband fell asleep in this movie and he didn’t fall asleep when we watched Fifty Shades Freed. What does that tell me. This couldn’t hold his interest.  He did say he wanted to see Black Panther again, probably to watch all that he missed when his eyes were closed and his snoring got too loud. 

The visual effects were great, except the spaceship in the sky. I didn’t like that. I thought it was silly. Why would no one mention this fancy spaceship in the 80’s or question why it was flying overhead? I love how Wakanda is so exotic. 

I’m not all too familiar with the Black Panther mythos. In fact, I’m not too familiar with much of the Marvel mythology, just what I’ve read and learned in the more recent years. I think that because I heard so many amazing things about this movie before I went to see it, my expectations were just too high. As I mentioned Thor earlier, I had low expectations for that movie. Thor and Thor: The Dark World weren’t that great, then they released Ragnarok, which was a super fun ride. The opposite could be said about Iron Man. I thought the first in the trilogy far surpassed the two sequels. Anyway I digress (as per my usual). 

I liked the acting, that wasn’t the problem. The storyline wasn’t as great as I thought it could be. I  feel a bit burned out by the amount of Marvel/DC action films being released, and yet I feel the need to watch them all. 

I would give Black Panther 3.5 out of 5 Pink Gerber Daisies. 

On a side note someone I know asked me if this film was about the rise of the Black Panther movement of the sixties. I had no words.