Applying for a job at PETA

Yesterday I decided to apply for PETA. I like PETA and what they stand for, so I thought that it would be a good idea to just try for a position. I’ve applied to them before but, as with many companies, I never heard back.

To apply for PETA, you have to read their stance regrading the “humane” euthanasia of displaced dogs and cats. Of course I wrote my response agreeing with the subject. Lets face it people, I’ve been unemployed for over a year, I’ll tell anyone just about anything they want to hear. I know many shelters have very short turn over rates. I volunteer for an animal rescue called Pooch Match. Many of the volunteers foster soon to be euthanized dogs, (which were either found on the streets or rescued from the shelter) until they find their “forever home.” Should these dogs be blamed for their irresponsible pet owners?? I think not!

However, my biggest concern wasn’t their stance on euthanasia, it was their stance on the domestication of any animal. Although, they love their own pets, they feel that it is in the animals’ best interest, and I quote directly from the PETA website, that “it would have been in the animals’ best interests if the institution of “pet keeping”—i.e., breeding animals to be kept and regarded as “pets”—never existed.” (From PETA). I understand that because of this practice, there is a surplus of animals euthanized each year. OK I get it, but don’t try to make me feel bad because I have a dog.

The article goes on to say that a house pet’s life is “restricted to human homes where they must obey commands and can only eat, drink, and even urinate when humans allow them to.” (again a direct quote from PETA’s website). Um excuse me, but my dogs, both house dogs, let me know when they have to pee and I take them out immediately, they drink when they want to, but yes I have them on a feeding schedule.

So I ask you PETA, if a dog wanted chocolate, would you give it to them??? Probably not, right? How many “house dogs” have you interviewed. I spoke to my shelter dog, Mia, who was almost euthanized, and she has to disagree with you regarding her life as a house dog. Below, please find Mia’s quote in her own words:

“As a young house dog, I would have to disagree with your stance regarding the domestication of my breed and a few others in the animal kingdom. I was young, on the streets, pregnant and then impounded by the horrible people of the San Bernardino Shelter. I contracted kennel cough, which was left untreated and eventually turned into pneumonia. Remember I was pregnant at the time and no one knew. I was on the verge of death, but was rescued by the good people of Pooch Match. I was being fostered by a wonderful family who already had a young male, neutered dog name Sam. Unfortunately he was bought at a pet store :(, please don’t fault my parents, they have learned the error of their ways and have made up for it. They took me in, still not knowing that I was pregnant, and decided that they loved me so much, they wanted me to be a part of their family too. (I will bypass the story of the birth of my two sons and their adoptions, as that is still difficult for me to discuss, but let me just say that they too have found wonderful homes.) My “mommy” loves me with all of her heart. She made sure I was spayed, she takes me almost everywhere she goes, out to eat, to get coffee with friends, on vacation and to my “grammy’s” house. Even though I have a nice bedroom of my own, when it’s really cold my “mommy and daddy” let us sleep with them in their bed. I didn’t come from wealth or privilege like my brother Sammy, but I can say that, I really am living the “American Doggie Dream.” After living on the streets, I would take my nice warm bed over a pile of leaves, grass or dirt anyday. Oh, one more thing, I really do hate cats, can you do something about them? Best regards, Mia”

OK, before PETA gets their “organic panties in a bunch”, let me just acknowledge that the article does go on to say that they do not want to take well cared for pets from their owners and set them free. With that being said, I am a proud member of PETA, would love to work for them (even though this post may forever ruin my chances), am against animal cruelty (PETA you don’t think that the dog clothes you sell are cruel?? Sorry my dog DOES NOT LIKE TO WEAR T-SHIRTS), would never go to the circus, and would like harsher punishments for animal abusers.

I would like to end this post with a quote from Ebenezer Elliott “If’t were not for my cat and dog, I think I could not live”