25 Things "I Know"

Many of the best stories are written by authors, who write about what they know. (Not really the case of Wally Lamb, a male, who wrote “She’s Come Undone”, many critics said that he wrote as if he was a woman, but that’s besides the point.) I will never write a novel or be an author, but here is a list of things that I “know”.

1. I know that being unemployed sucks. When the job dangles in front of your face and then rejection, it’s the most disappointing thing. The fact that a part of your life is at a stand still. There’s no moving forward. With every interview, you take one step forward and with every rejection, you take two steps back. It’s no consolation to be told, “you were one of our top three candidates, but we’ve decided to go in a different direction.” Don’t call me in for an interview and then tell me that “I didn’t have the qualifications that you were looking for”, you should have known that, just by looking at my resume. I know the unemployment game and boy do I have stories to tell.

2. I know that I probably shouldn’t eat dinner while or go to bed after watching the TV show Criminal Minds. This makes for some crazy dreams!

3. I know that I love my dogs, Samwise Gamgee (AKA Sam, Sammy, Love Bug) and Mia ( AKA the most perfect dog in the world), but I sometimes wonder, would I enjoy the freedom that comes along with not having them.?.?.?

4. I know that friends come and go, but if you have just one or two to rely on, that’s a much bigger gift than being surrounded by just “a bunch of people.”

5. I know that its finally time to take down my Christmas decorations. Now I do have a reason for keeping them up for so long. I was sick the first two weeks of December and couldn’t enjoy my “Holiday Decor”. This was done a few months ago, it’s already March. My decorations were down by Valentines Day.
6. I know that just because YOU believe it to be true, doesn’t mean that it is.
7. I know that following my own advice to others or advice from others, is easier said that done.

7 1/2. I know you shouldn’t offer unsolicited advice, until you’ve walked in another person’s shoes. Really, we’re all guilty of this, but just because you may be older, don’t think someone else’s life is like yours and that your advice is warranted.
8. I know that you can’t live off of love alone.
9. I know that money $$$$$$$$ doesn’t buy you love or happiness, but it sure does make life easier.
10. I know that it’s hard to edit your own work.
11. I know that between my two dogs, I have the perfect dog. Sammy, being the smartest dog I’ve ever owned and Mia, being the best behaved dog I’ve ever owned. I just wish there was a way to mesh them both together. One would say that this is more of a “belief”, but I would say it was a fact!
12. I know that I am strong and determined, but there are times when I feel blue.
13. I know to never utter the words, “It can’t get any worse” because, yes it can!

14. I know that traffic in Los Angeles sucks.

15. I know that although marriage can be difficult at times, and you may want to throw in the towel, it’s great to have someone you can count on.

16. I know that life isn’t easy, but it sure can be a ton of fun.

17. I know that if you don’t take risks, you won’t get anywhere. Risk aversion doesn’t keep you safe and sound. Sometimes you just have to go with it, even if it may backfire on you!

18. I know that a little red wine and a small piece of dark chocolate a night is good for you! Thank goodness because those are two things I enjoy!

19. I know that sometimes your spouse doesn’t want to be “friends” with you on Facebook. That’s OK because don’t you see them everyday anyway?

20. I know that even if you have someone in your life, Valentine’s Day can still suck!

21. I know that reading is fun! I’d rather read or be on my computer than watch TV any day!!

22. I know that I should be so much more active and that I keep telling myself “I will when things start becoming routine”. I miss my gym visits! I miss my yoga classes and the cardio machines.

23. I know not to take things for granted. Just recently my dog Sammy became very ill, he’s still on 5 different medications a day. Yes, I know he’s an animal, but he’s also a part of my family. I’m so happy he’s better now!

24. I know that I have to modify # 21. I do have some shows I enjoy watching, so I’m not completely devoid of television!

25. I know that there are so many more things “I know” and that I could go on for a while, but I think I should stop now!

26. OK one more….. I know I need to travel somewhere and I would like, very much, for it to be soon!! 🙂

This was just a fun way for me to express what is going on in that brain of mine! I would love for anyone to add what they “know” in the comment section of my post. As we grow older and live life, we become either enlightened or unenlightened by our experiences.

To quote Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw, “Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.”