Chicken and Waffles Anyone?

Sad because he couldn’t get his chicken and waffles

I typically don’t post my reviews about restaurants up on my blog, but this one I have to.  Just this past Sunday, the hubbers and I decided to try a new joint, Mrs. Bea’s Chicken and Waffles in La Habra, California—not Louisiana.  After reading some of the reviews on Yelp, I was concerned. I love southern comfort food so we decided to give the place the benefit of the doubt.  Here’s what happened;

We walked in and were greeted and seated right away.

We ordered right away, this is where the tides started to turn.  First I think it’s ridiculous to not include any sides with the meal.  Every side you’re charged for and they up sell you, even if you’ve already ordered a side.  We ended up with 2.  Not good. 

Next we sat and waited and waited and waited and waited some more until we asked for our check to leave.  We kept getting excuses.  The food is made to order (yeah so is In and Out, it doesn’t take over an hour). Fine, but you can’t tell me that my chicken takes longer to cook than the 4 other parties that came in after me and got their chicken before me.  I’m a little confused??  Why did my chicken take so much longer to cook?

We brought it to the staffs attention and were just given the runaround/excuses.  No apology. 

My husband told the server that I’m a Yelper.  She asked me to not mention the long wait for our food.  How can I not?  I’m giving an honest OPINION about MY time here.   I’m also a blogger and a Facebooker and I tweet. Word of mouth on social media is pretty important. 

Our server asked us to please recommend this place to all our friends and family.  I simply can’t.  With no clear reason and no apology I can’t subject my family and friends to the same service we received. I’ve never fried chicken, but does it take over a hour?  We got there at 12:21, we asked for our check to leave without our meal at 1:30 and the food finally arrived at 1:45.  Is this right?  

Here are the positives:  the chicken was good.

I copied this review straight from my Yelp account sorry for the white.

I’m being generous here, but I give Mrs. Bea’s Chicken and Waffles 2 Gerber Daises out of 5.  

Tonight I don’t have a quote.  Sorry!  Happy eating!