Marinello School of What?

It’s 1:00 a.m., I’m still up, watching reruns of Beverly Hills, 90210.  I really shouldn’t have had that second Starbucks Venti Cap.  

All of this information is irrelevant for my post.  Companies have been challenging the validity of the website Yelp, a site I’ve used a lot and have written about before.  I love the site, as a matter of fact, I’m trying to become an elite member.  

I recently wrote a negative review about Marinello School of Beauty in Anaheim, and one of the bigwigs contacted me regarding my negative review.  For the record, I went there to get my nails done ONLY!  

Tim getting a facial at “Jonelle’s School of Beauty”

If a journalist gives a negative review about a company, movie, book or restaurant, do the companies respond to the journalist?  Are their reviews more important than mine?  In this day & age, I don’t think so. 

Back in the day

I’m going to copy and paste my original Yelp review and responses from the school director.


This can’t even get a star.  Worst place ever.  I was even told by the student who did my work.  

Let’s begin:

My cousin and I walked by.  A Marinello girl was outside on her phone while I mentioned, “We should go get a manicure.”  My cousin agreed.  I asked the girl outside if they do gel nails.  I had already painted my nails at home and they looked pretty good but I like the gel nails and for only $14, why not?

For me, they called about 3 girls to ask if they can do gel before someone said they could.  I’ve had gel nails done before, and I’ve NEVER seen them do it this way before.  I don’t know how long I sat under the light and the gel NEVER set.  Let’s just say, by the time I left, my nails were already peeling.

Now my cousin’s experience.  She wanted gel nails too.  The girl had no experience with gel AT ALL.  After 2 applications, the gel wouldn’t set.  My cousin wanted to leave.  They spent at least the good part of 45 minutes trying to remove the gel they tried to apply. My cousin didn’t want to pay for a “non service”.  They still wanted to charge her.  Her nails were NEVER finished and they were bare.  There was absolutely NO supervision by a teacher.  The girl even told my cousin she had never done a gel set.  My husband and cousin’s kids were waiting outside for us.  After 4 hours, my cousin called the police, who came and said she didn’t have to pay for a service that was not done correctly.  

The staff was extremely unprofessional, trying to charge for a service they were unable to provide.  I’ve never been so disgusted by a place in all my life.

STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS!!  You get what you pay for.  The customer service was so beyond poor.  There has to be a number to call to recommend shutting down this school.
Tabatha Coffey, please take over!!

Their response:

Marinello of Anaheim provides services to the public and all services are rendered by students and supervised by licensed Cosmetologists. Students are supervised throughout their time on campus and all services are crosschecked by the instructor prior to guest checkout. Guest are charged based on services received, nothing more. Our team does the best we can to provide the good customer service to each guest. We have many loyal and returning guest who are happy with the services provided. – Priscilla Villatoro, Anaheim School Director

My response:

Thank you for your comment, but I will have you know, that not once during our services did an instructor come to speak with us and nothing was crosschecked, as no one once spoke with me.  There was absolutely no supervision. Your customer service was nonexistent and the lady at the front didn’t even know the company policy.  When your students are even complaining about your school, there is a serious issue.  I’ve worked in both education and public relations and I’m sure you know that the best PR is through word of mouth. Enjoy the customers that you do retain, as this was my very first and last visit. One last thing, when 6 out of 7 reviews are a 1 star, you many need to re-evaluate something within your company.

Their response: 

I appreciate your concern; however the six poor reviews do not equate to the thousands of satisfied clients which do not post to Yelp and many students, which we helped start new careers.

My response:  

Again, thank you so much for your response.  Instead of trying to justify your bad quality of service, why don’t you just accept the faults and fix them.  It seems as though one of the reviewers is a former student and the students who I spoke to, said that had they known what they were getting into, they would have decided to find another beauty school.   My lord, acknowledge the issue, accept the criticism, fix it and move on.

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Marinello School of Beauty gets 0 out of 5 Gerber Daisies  

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