Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice in Florida

“Hello Superman. It’s time you met your doom,” Batman says. With all of the hype surrounding the new “Batman/Superman” movie, I decided to take one for the team and watch so you didn’t have to. Just kidding, I was going to watch it anyway. Unlike most of the general public, these new “Superman” movies don’t bother me too much. I actually sort of like them, even though Superman II will always be my favorite. Man of Steel was so much better than Superman Returns. Next to Christopher Reeve, Henry Cavill is my favorite Superman. OK, Superman is an American hero and Henry is a Brit, but there is something about his look and about him that seems to embody the character. Sorry George Reeves and Brandon Routh. Side note, Brandon Routh is great in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Batman vs. Superman (from here on out will be referred to as BvS) came out March 25th, the night before I left for Florida. I told my companion that it would be fun to see it at the Downtown Disney in Orlando, our travel destination. He was game for waiting, so on a cold rainy night, we left the “Magic Kingdom” and headed to the nearest theater. 

The critics’ reviews were abysmal. I think on Flixster it had a 22% rating from the professional critics and 75% from the novice critics. I’m a novice, I rated it a 4 out of 5 stars. I don’t always follow what the critics have to say. I hated Birdman with Michael Keaton (my 2nd favorite Batman), talk about a snooze fest. I love comic books, but I don’t own any. I read about them online, and what I know is based on Wikipedia and the movies I’ve watched.  I felt that the critics were too harsh on the actual film and way too harsh on the actors. They didn’t deserve the “beatings” they received. Are critics wrong? certainly, they’re only human, they’re not Superman.  

Ben Affleck didn’t suck as Batman. He’s no Christian Bale (my FAVORITE Batman), but he wasn’t as bad as he was in Daredevil. I think for the time in Bruce Wayne’s life, Ben was good. He was angry and brooding and rough around the edges. Some of his fight scenes were silly and his acting wasn’t the greatest. My husband asked who acted better? Henry or Ben, I responded, Jessie Eisenberg. OK OK, Henry’s acting was better. Ben is amazing in films like Argo… serious, non-action roles. Overall though, he isn’t bad.

Things I thought were bad and could have been better:

1.  I thought that having both moms named Martha, was dumb, but that’s a stupid comic book move, not something the writer’s made up.
2.  Superman and Batman became “friends” because there moms were named Martha. Stupid.
3. Doomsday looked stupid. 
4.  There was too much going on in the film. There were too many storylines, too many plot points.
5.  When Superman and Wonder Woman fought Doomsday, Batman did nothing but watch them save the world. 
6. I didn’t like the Flash. The CW Flash is so much better than this one.
7.  Jimmy Olsen. No explanation needed.
8.  The dream sequence. The acting was terrible in this, sorry Ben.
9. An uber distaste of Wonder Woman!

Actually, I’m a bit tired

Wonder Woman has been my favorite superhero since I was a little girl. Lynda Carter will always be Wonder Woman to me. I wanted to be Wonder Woman, I had my truth lasso, my red boots (knee high socks), my Wonder Woman underoos and I would watch Wonder Woman in my little red rocking chair. Gal Gadot had big red boots to fill, she is not Wonder Woman to me. She isn’t a bad actress, I  don’t like Wonder Woman with an accent. 

Here’s what I loved 
1. The romance between Lois and Clark. It takes me back to Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and Smallville. 
2. Baywatch Aquaman
3. Lex Luthor. I don’t like Jessie Eisenberg as a human. I’ve seen interviews with him and he comes off as being arrogant, but boy can this guy act!
4. Henry Cavill with his shirt off.
5. Wonder Woman kicks butt!

I know, I know I said I didn’t like her, but I’m so happy we get to see her in a movie and let’s face it Wonder Woman really does kick some arse. With the box office saturated with male superheroes, it’s nice to see a woman finally take charge. Now future generations have a female superhero to look up to. Having a strong female hero is important for young girls to admire. 

All in all, this movie was a fun filled action packed, (with some occasional snooze moments) Batman/Superman adventure.  Could it have been better? Of course. Did the acting suck? Why yes it did. Will I purchase it when it comes out on DVD? I most certainly will. If you’re into comic movies, but not overly into the comic book lore, this is an enjoyable movie to watch. This will never be an awarding winning adaption of comic literature and it never set out to be. Just have fun watching it.

I give Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice 3 out of 5 Gerber Daisies. (I should change my Flixster/Rotten Tomatoes review)

“It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.” Batman from Batman Begins