ColourPop Your Lips

I’m sitting here in my PJ’s, it’s a lazy, cloudy Saturday, the time jumped ahead a few weeks ago. It’s 5 p.m. and the sun is still shinning brightly through my window. Even with grading and accounting to do, I decided to start my reviews of ColourPop Cosmetics.

I’m splitting up my ColourPop reviews in to two posts, because I have a lot to say and this could get long. I’ve been hearing about ColourPop on YouTube for quite a while, and in my search of cruelty free cosmetics, this brand keeps “ColourPoping” up. I was hesitant to purchase anything because you can only buy online, but a few weeks ago I built up my courage, pulled out my credit card and went to town, so to speak. I bought five items and got one for free. Shipping is s flat rate of $4.99. With all of that my total came out to be a little more than $30.

The company is located in Oxnard, California. I love being able to support local companies, please don’t sell out!

I know they are a cruelty-free brand, my only concern is that I haven’t found information to say that these cosmetics are paraben-free or if they use more natural ingredients.

Things I love:

The price!!!!!!  OMG! prices range from $5-10 an item.
The colors and pigments. Vibrant, bold and beautiful.
The ease of shopping from my home.  Sometimes I don’t want to go to the mall.
It’s a local company. Support local companies!!!!!
They’re cruelty-free.
I love the detail they put into the shipping. They sent a personalized note with my order. Thanks for making me a part of the family.
A free Lippie Stick sample. 

Things I don’t like:
The packaging. The writing in the outside of the liquid lipstick rubs off. 
How they are mailed. One of my eyeshadows came to me broken. Apparently it’s an easy fix.
I don’t know natural these products are. 
I wasn’t able to access the $5 off coupon.
I can’t try the product before I purchase it. I just have to guess if it suits my skin tone or not.

Lyin’ King
The Rabbit   

I purchased two Ultra Satin Liquid lipsticks in The Rabbit (a bright fuchsia with blue sheen) and Lyin King (a saturated raspberry). These are priced at $6 a piece. Not bad. I definitely like them better than the NYX Soft Matte Liquid Cream lipstick.  They are not long lasting, but the description states that.   Expect to reapply. That wasn’t a problem for me. They do stain your lips a bit. There is one more color I’d like to get in Spritz. Spritz came out after the initial release of the Ultra Satin Lipsticks.

I took both colors on my trip to Florida, and really, these were the only two lipsticks I used the entire week. I didn’t notice bleeding or feathering if left alone (if I wasn’t eating or drinking), but these lipstcks transferred all over the place!! Somehow I got the lipstick all over my thumb and hand. Don’t ask how. Another thing I had an issue with was that the color bunched up in the corners of my mouth. I just cleaned it up with some tissue and we were good to go.  

I’ve never tried their Ultra Matte Lipstick, so I can’t judge, but I hear that these are creamier. From my research the Ultra Matte do not transfer, but are very very drying on the lips. I felt that these were a bit drying, but they didn’t flake off my lips like most matte liquid lipsticks (Kat Von D’s matte lipsticks). The sample I got of the Lippie Stick in Poppin’ is a completely different story. Poppin’ bunches up in the corners and flakes off in the middle. It’s too drying, I felt like I needed ChapStick at the end of the day.


Overall, I liked this product better than some other liquid lipsticks. I loved the two colors I purchased and I would buy them again at $6 a piece. I would rate these 3 1/2 Pink Gerber Daisies out of 5.