Go See Captain America: Civil War

OMG, Wow! What did I just see and can I see it again? I just got back from watching Captain America: Civil War, and what a war it was. This is by far my favorite Captain America outing. The first movie, let’s face it, was a snooze fest. The second, Winter Soldier, was 100 times better than the first, and this one just blew Winter Soldier out of the water.

The acting was smart and funny. The movie was a whole lot of fun. Robert Downey Jr. is an amazing talent, as is Paul Rudd. OK really they were all amazing, even the new Spidey! Elizabeth Olsen is my favorite Olsen and I grew up watching Full House. Chris Evans’s arms, OMG Superman has some stiff competition. I’m still unsure about Vision and his vision, he reminds me of Dr. Manhattan from the Watchmen and the Silver Surfer from The Fantastic Four. All three are a bit boring and sound the same. Other than that, I loved all the actors in this movie. I’m not a huge fan of Scarlett Johansson, but this movie made me like her! Well, her character at least. Remember when Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans were in the Nanny Diaries together? I digress. 

The inclusion of Spider-Man made me excited to see him again. I’m so glad Sony is allowing Marvel to use their character again. From what I saw tonight, Marvel did a great job with him. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the new Amazing Spider-Man movies (they should really be called the Amazingly Lame Spider-Man movies). It was too soon for a reboot and like the argument over which Batman is better, Tobey Maguire is the better Spider-Man. Again thank you Sony for letting Marvel borrow their character. You obviously didn’t know what to do with him, maybe Marvel can fix what you broke when you made The Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man 3. I’m actually excited to see Tom Holland take on the role. 

The writers should be praised and given a raise. They had so many characters to write for and they did a really phenomenal job. Nothing in the film seemed forced. We had so many different story lines to watch, but unlike Batman V. Superman everything worked well together, everything made sense. 

Paul Rudd, I have loved you since Clueless. Paul has impeccable comedic timing similar to that of Robert Downey Jr. Other than Chris Evans’s arms, he is the best thing in the movie! 

Let’s face it Iron Man started off really strong and just went downhill after movie #1. The same thing happened with The Avengers.  Poor Thor and the Hulk, their movies just sucked. Captain America has progressively gotten better. I know Iron Man aka Robert Downey Jr. is finished with his solo films, but does this movie mean there will be another Captain America movie in our future? 

The moral of the story — what would you do for friendship? What lengths would you go to protect your friends. OK this isn’t really the moral of the story, but it could be. It’s also about the world government and it’s incessant need to control everything. But really though, who cares about the moral, the action was enough to keep you watching,

This was way more than just a Captain America movie. It was a fun ride and I can’t wait until it comes out on DVD. I really need to start adding to my Superhero DVD collection. I want all of the DVDs, even the bad movies. I actually want to watch Captain America: The First Avenger again. I tried to watch it when it came out, but it put me to sleep. 

I’m going to now use my Jedi mind tricks on you:  You will now go see Captain America: Civil War and enjoy it! Sorry it’s three in the morning and I’m tired. I’m not rereading this post, so if I have grammatical errors, which most likely I will, I’ll fix them when the sun comes up.

Captain America: Civil War gets 4 1/2 Pink Gerber Daisies out of 5.

XOXO see you again soon, take care and goodnight.