ColourPop: Ultra Satin Lips Part Deux

A few months ago ColourPop released their new Ultra Satin liquid lipstick. I heard this launch was in response to how drying their Ultra Matte formula can be on the lips. The original 16 colors were launched back in February. I purchased two colors: Rabbit and Lyin King. These two colors were amazing. I wrote a blog about them back in April. I took both colors to Florida and I really liked them. I know they aren’t lost lasting, they do transfer, and I’m OK with that. It’s not a big deal to reapply.

A few weeks ago they added seven more colors to the line.

Flash forward to today. About 2 weeks ago, I opened my email and was gifted with a 20% off ColourPop night. Their prices are already really reasonable, nothing is over $10. But to get a 20% off night, I couldn’t pass up the chance to purchase some more items. They were also offering free shipping with a $30 purchase. Spending $30 is a very easy thing to do. Usually shipping is a flat rate of $4.99. Because of the discounts and free shipping, it took me two and a half hours to even get on to the site. It was jam packed with people waiting to shop. Oh what an ordeal, the wait time was excruciating. 

Anyway, I purchased two more colors for $4 a piece. I bought one from the original launch called London Fog, a cool-toned blue red and Littlestitious, a pastel dusty pink. London Fog is a beautiful color. I wanted to purchase it  when I purchased Lyin King and Rabbit, but I think that this one was sold out at the time. Littlestitious was one of the seven new additions from a few weeks ago. 

First off, I can definitely tell the difference between the formulas. Lyin’ King, Rabbit and London Fog have a thicker consistency than Littlestitious. Lyin King, Rabbit and London Fog all felt creamier than Littlestitious.    

Littlestitious is very tacky on the lips and bunched up in the corners of my mouth. I don’t jnow if it was a bad batch, but the smell was just awful. I sometimes lick my lips snd this is a lipstick I don’t want anywhere near my mouth. This new shade, reminded me of the Kat Von D Liquid lipstick. The color is similar to Lovesick, but a tab bit lighter. You can actually even tell in the swatch that the texture and consistency is different. The product doesn’t really pick up on the doe foot applicator very well either. Because it’s a lighter shade,  a second coat is highly recommended.

I have to say that I am not a huge fan of Littlestitious. I’m not a fan of the smell or consistency or how it feels on my lips.  Could this have been a bad batch? Did they give the 20% discount to get rid of old inventory? Who knows. I’m very happy with the other three lipsticks, this one flop isn’t going to deter me from repurchasing in the future.

There are still a few colors that I’m interested in trying out. Unfortunately the only downside is that I can’t look at/test the color beforehand and can only go off the description on the site. 

For more information about ColourPop check out the link. ColourPop