My Top 10 Movies: Part 1 January-June, 2016

So I decided to create a list of my top 10 movies of 2016 thus far. We’re almost done with the first 1/2 of the year (It’s June 29th). In December, I’ll create a new list, my part 2. Some of these movies I’ve already reviewed in other blog postings and others I haven’t. For those, I’ll do a quick review in this post. 

10.  Dirty Grandpa: Robert de Niro and Zac Efron. My goodness what a funny duo. This movie, by no means whatsoever, is an academy award winner, but what a fun, raunchy ride. If you’re easily offended, pass this one up because the humor isn’t for the faint of heart. Rated R

9. Me Before You: The only romance on my list. This was a novel, I didn’t know that and I usually read the books first. Emilia Clarke is hilarious and fun as the quirky Louisa Clark. Her style is eccentric and her heart is worn on her sleeve. Sam Claflin plays Will Traynor, a onetime playboy, who suffers a serious accident and becomes paralyzed living out the rest of his days in a wheelchair. This movie does make you think about how fragile life is and what you’d do for love. There’s something charming about Will, even with his now cynical view on life. What does one, who was once so active do in a wheelchair. At the end of his life, my father, who never truly retired, even with a cancer diagnosis, was stuck in a wheelchair. As much as he loved his wife and kids, he hated being in that chair. I’ve seen what that can do to a person. This movie isn’t for everyone. It’s definitely not a romantic comedy. Rated PG-13

8. The Jungle Book: What a visually stunning film. I know the talking animals are silly, but the CGI isn’t bad. Young Mowgli is adorable. This isn’t as good as Cinderella, but was still fun to watch. By the way, I love Jon Favreau. He’s AMAZING and so talented! Rated PG

7.  Finding Dory: This is the sequel to Finding Nemo (which I think is a better film). I enjoyed this movie and the Pixar animation has gotten a lot better. Young Dory is the cutest thing in this movie. She’s talking and then “squirrel”. I just don’t think that this film had the same charm as the original. Many great actors voiced the characters. Ellen DeGeneres is back as the voice of Dory. Rated PG

6.  Deadpool: The first of the superhero genre to make my list. Wow what an action packed, comedic spectacle. This is not a superhero movie to take the kids to. It’s filled with crude humor and innuendos. This is not the same Ryan Reynolds “Deadpool” from X-men Origins: Wolverine. From my understanding, this Deadpool is more accurate to the actual comic book character. Rated R  

5. X-Men: Apocalypse: I already reviewed this movie in another post. I have issues with the continuity, but the plot was good. Rated PG-13 

4.  Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice: I reviewed this in a previous entry. Overall, Henry Cavill…… yum, I mean good, Ben Affleck…… ok (his staged fights looked too staged!) Gal Gadot…… just isn’t Wonder Woman to me yet. I’m excited to get the extended version when it comes out July 18th. Rated PG-13

3. The Shallows: Jaws 5? I really enjoyed this movie. I like Blake Lively.I never really watched her films until The Age of Adaline and I loved that movie. She has a very classic look about her, which really fit that film. She was amazing in this too. Some of the CGI was questionable. Would a shark really do that to the buoy? I question that part of the film too. There was just enough gore and fear tactics to keep me interested. The seagull kept changing and that bothered me because he was my favorite character and I notice things like that. Thank goodness I saw this movie because I didn’t want to write a top nine and there were slim pickings in movies this year. Rated PG-13

2. Money Monster: When it’s George Clooney and Julia Roberts, the movie is bound to be good. I always love a movie about the corrupt business men who control the world. Premise: A young man (the guy from Unbroken) invests $60,000 in a fraudulent investment deal because, Lee Gates (George Clooney) the host of “Money Monster” tells the world that the stock is a sure thing. The guy from Unbroken, loses every single cent and decides to take “Money Monster” hostage. Julia Roberts is the shows producer, trying desperately to save her star and figure out what happened to the stock. I really enjoyed this movie because, yes, some (not all, all is an absolute) businesswomen/men are corrupt people who are only in it for themselves. The girl from Outlander is in this too and Jodi Foster directs. Rated R

1. Captain America: Civil War: This movie was already reviewed in another post. All I can say is, this is one of my favorite Marvel Movies!  Rated PG-13 

Let’s be honest, 2016 has been a pretty crap year for movies so far. I’m not excited about many of the “Summer Blockbusters.” Without the help of The Shallows this list would only have been my top nine. I hoping the second half of the year is better than the first!