ColourPop Ultra Satin Lips in Spritz

I have a love/dislike realtionship with ColourPop Cosmetics. A lot of their products are hit or miss, hot or not. I LOVED the Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick in The Rabbit and Lyin King. Those colors are richly pigmented and for the most part don’t move much. I do recommend using a lip liner just to be safe. 

When ColourPop had their 20% off sale, I purchased Littlestitious and London Fog. London Fog I liked, it was similar to the formula in The Rabbit and Lyin King.  Littlestitious I hated. The smell was off, the texture was runny and the application was patchy. The formula was so much different from the other three. I decided that it was probably just a bad batch and thought that I would give it another go, with another color. 

A few weeks ago, I purchased some shadows, a highlighter and the Ultra Satin Lip Color in Spritz.

Littlestitious, just a reminder.

I really like this product. It was far better than Littlestitious. The formula was similar to the other three colors that I like. It doesn’t smell like Littlestitious either.  Don’t get me wrong, the smell isn’t the greatest anyway. They all have a “chemically” smell. Like I said before, I really think that Littlestitious I got was a bad batch.

The ColourPop site says that Spritz is a mid tone, true bubble gum pink. When I think of bubble gum pink, I think of Kat Von D’s Backstage Bambi. I always feel that ColourPop’s color descriptions are always way off. I feel that this color is more of a warm toned pink, than bubble gum pink.

I love Spritz as an everyday color, especially in the summertime. I usually wear a bright bold lip, but I know I’ll get a lot of use out of this because it looks cute. This is as “nude” as I’ll go, because for me a nude lip… is lip balm.  

One thing I will say, you have to use a lip liner with these products. I see a little bit of a slip in the fine lines around my mouth. You do have reapply if you eat. But, the color doesn’t go on patchy, or flake off.

Spritz and LA LA on my eyes

I’m curious to try the Ultra Matte Lip, but I’m worried that they will be too drying on the lips. At $6.00 a piece, it might be worth it to pick up a few. I told myself, no new makeup until the fall. I ordered some shadows from Colourpop today, June 30th. Starting in July, no new makeup until September or October. Excuse the brows, I’m growing them out. 

Overall, the prices are right and the colors are fun! ColourPop