Spirit Airlines Customer Beware!!

Every year my husband and I take a trip during spring break. This year our destination was the tropic, I mean snowy and cold,  Chicago. Before we get to that post, I have to tell you about my experience with Spirit Airlines, one of the worst airlines, I’ve ever flown.

This airline claims to be the “Bare Fare” because of their “cheap flights”. The only thing that’s bare is, well, it’s the entire experience, so here it is…..

Unfortunately my travel agent (my husband) booked our flights last minute, even though the trip was planned June 2017. We purchased our March 31st flight in February. From now on I’m making the travel arrangements. Our departure time wasn’t that bad. LAX at 8:30 in the morning, with an estimated Chicago arrival time at 2:50. This wasn’t bad considering our check-in for our place was after 4.

The price of the nonstop flight wasn’t that cheap. I had found cheaper in September, when I was booking my “flying solo” Thanksgiving trip to Massachusetts.

The check-in wasn’t easy. You can’t go up to the counter to check-in if you choose. You must check-in at the automated station, weigh your own bags and tag your own cases. There was a long line, but we got to the airport in time, so that wasn’t a problem. This was the problem, the fact that bag check is $50 PER CHECKED BAG!!!!! That’s right, we spent $100 before we even got to Chicago because we had TWO checked bags. BEWARE, they charge you $50 a bag AND it MUST be under 40 LBS. Anything over is an additional fee. Most airlines only charge a $100 added fee if your bag is over 50 LBS. I couldn’t believe it!!! Buyer BEWARE, they will also charge $25 if you have a carry-on with wheels, which I did, but I carried it with the straps, so they didn’t charge me.

The seats were just awful! They were super cramped, both in leg room and hip space. The guy next to me, who just happened to be an employee was really tall. I can’t image what he was going through.

You know how most airlines offer complimentary beverage services? Well, you don’t get that with the “Bare Fare” airline. Every beverage, including water, has a price. SERIOUSLY? The airline sucks. I travel a lot and never in all of my 21 years on earth have I experienced something so bare. At least on Southwest you get pretzels!

I really don’t care if you have the youngest crew in the air. The service I experienced was poor. Once we arrived in Chicago we had to wait a  long while for our luggage. I was talking to some unfortunate fool from my flight, who said she only ‘flys’ Spirit in a jam and each time the service gets worse and worse. She said, “Well, at least we’re home.” To which I replied, “Oh no honey, I’m from California, just beginning my trip.”

The only thing I got out of this HORRIBLE airline is a dirty bag (which was brand spanking new BTW) and less money to spend on the things that I happen to enjoy (visiting new places).

This new travel culture is pretty sad. You constantly hear of people being mistreated on their flights, poor quality service and expensive ticket prices. There really does have to be a change. I’m not at all expecting to fly for free, and travelers shouldn’t act like jerks, but the service you get for the price you pay is truly depressing.

If you can, stay away from this airline at all costs. Spirit Airlines gets 0 out of 5 Pink Gerber Daisies. Find a better airline if you can!!!! If you see this airline on your Expedia page or app, scroll as fast as you can away from the Spirit Airlines option!!!!!

My dirty new bag wah wah wah