Sugar Bloom Beauty Boutique: Pamper Yourself

It’s not a secret that I’m obsessed with makeup, skin care and all things organic. I had the pleasure of trying out a spa that recently opened in La Mirada called, Sugar Bloom Beauty Boutique. Sugar Bloom Beauty is owned and operated by makeup artist and esthetician,  Kristy Bradvica. Full disclosure, I’ve known Kristy for a very long time. She was the makeup artist for my engagement photos and wedding, over ten years ago.

Sugar Bloom Beauty Boutique is located at the Phoenix Salon Suites in La Mirada, California. The cool thing about Phoenix Salon Suites is that it’s like a one-stop-shop for beauty lovers. Each proprietor rents their own suite, not chair. The experience is more personal and relaxed. Each suite is decorated to the owner’s tastes.

The space was very cozy and comfortable. The products that Kristy has chosen for her facials are organic. She pays particular attention to the ingredients she uses on her clients.  She said she did a lot of research before choosing the skin care line, Skin Script. She likes how she can customize facials to her clients’ needs and knows that the ingredients she is using, are healthy for us too, both inside and out.

I had the May special, the anti-aging Blackberry Facial. Kristy stated that, “Anti-aging care should begin in your twenties.”  The smell of these products was amazing. You think, ‘it’s blackberry and it smells amazing, maybe I could eat it’, but I was told, unfortunately, it wasn’t edible.  The facial was divine. The Blackberry Mask, Kristy said, might tingle on the skin. I didn’t notice much of a tingling sensation, for me it was more of a cooling sensation. No one likes pore extraction, but it’s the price we pay for beauty. You can ask to skip that part if you’re too sensitive, but what’s the point of a facial if you don’t clean your pores. After the pore extraction, Kristy used the cooling globes all over my skin. These glass orbs cool and refresh the face.

Kristy doesn’t just specialize in facials and makeup, she’s also licensed in spray tanning and sugaring. This was the first time I tried sugaring. Sugaring has been around since the time of Cleopatra. It’s organic, water soluble and works with the temperature of your body. To find out the benefits of sugaring over waxing take a look on her Facebook page Sugar Bloom Beauty Boutique. To say that sugaring is like tiny kittens licking the skin, would be a lie. You do feel it, slightly, but you also feel waxing, hello you’re pulling out the hair from your body. Sugaring had a resurgence in the 90’s, remember when Monica, Phoebe, Joey and Chandler were stuck in Monica’s room on Friends? That was sugaring. There are numerous benefits for the skin in sugaring. 1. The ingredients are natural  2.There’s no damaging the skin, like in waxing and 3. Sugaring smooths and exfoliates the skin.  

Kristy also sells many of the amazing products that she uses. Facials begin at $65 with the option for add-ons, (like the refreshing cooling globes). Make sure to check for specials, like May’s Blackberry Facial for $60.  Right now Kristy does accept walk-ins, but it’s always best to make an appointment. 

Products used in my Blackberry Facial:

  • Green Tea Cleanser
  • Glycolic Cleanser
  • Ageless Hydrating Serum
  • Vitamin C Serum 
  • Acai Berry Moisturizer 
  • Blackberry Enzyme Mask
  • Vanilla Bean Hydrating Mask
  • SPF 30

I think that it’s so important to support local businesses and to support companies using organic products.