A Year to be Thankful Day "I Don’t Know Because I Stopped After a Month": Three Things That Make Me Happy

In a time where I feel it’s hard to be thankful, I have to remember that others have it worse off than I do.  It’s been a while since I posted (see the title above) this list because I, well, I just got too busy, I’d forget to post or I became too lazy. Here goes…..

1. For the first time in 11 years I have a Disneyland Pass. My hubby of 10 years surprised me with this for our anniversary in June. 

2. As much as I get annoyed with him, I am married to a good man. I realized that my first visit back to Disneyland. He does his best to try and make me happy. 

3. My air conditioning went out and I have to get it repaired. It’s going to be expensive, but I feel I can get through it. It’s making me a stronger person to know that I can figure it out. No one wants to spend the money, but we’ll be ok.

P.S. I’m trying to complain less. How can anyone be upset when they get to come home to this sweet boy! Next post will have pictures of the other dog, Mia (Mama Mia).

Picture 1 of various stages of sleep. 

Before people get their pantie in a bunch, I’m not laying on him. 
I should model 

Don’t get me out of bed please

Picture 2 of various stages of sleep.  
Picture 3 of various stages of sleep. What can I say, I sleep a lot.

Sammy intently watches TV with us. He’s waiting for a dog!!