When Life Gives You Lemons

When life gives you lemons, what if you don’t want to make the lemonade? Everyone has problems, sometimes they spring up out of no where, or in my case, drip from the ceiling out of no where. My problem didn’t actually drip out of no where, it began in 2009. Instead of replacing the leaking air conditioning unit that was poorly installed during the 1995 construction of our home (my husband bought it in 2002), we decided to bandage it up, a quick-fix. You know what band-aides do eventually? They fall off. After numerous band-aide replacements, we had to bite the bullet and replace our air conditioning unit. 

Of course we shopped around. After having multiple people come in to look at it,  some  never returned our follow-up calls, even a “family friend” (I use this phrase lightly).  We finally found a company who decided to take on the challenge. 

I better enjoy this new air conditioner, because this is my vacation for next year.  

What did I learn about this entire experience? Well, as so many of you know I love makeup, movies, travel, books, shoes, clothes, electronics and handbags, but even with occasional “shopping spree” I am quite the “little saver”. I’m not stressing about this home renovation project. I just want to get it done!

I also learned not to rely on the “cheap” band-aide fixes because those will just lead to a bigger, more expensive problem in the future.  

My husband, the funny guy that he is, told me that I couldn’t buy anymore books. This made me chuckle. I told him, “You needn’t worry, I buy used.”