I’ve Spent a Year in Quarantine and got a Master’s

This is the first post I’ve created in over a year. I should be working on my week four assignment, but tomorrow is another day. I haven’t had much time to enjoy the things I love like, writing, reading, or going to Disneyland. In just two and a half weeks, I’ll be finished with my masters program! It’s in education, secondary education with an emphasis in the humanities. Tonight, Saturday, November 13th, I’m sitting in a coffeeshop instead, listening to Dexys Midnight Runners “Come on Eileen” (I like the Save Ferris version better) drinking some java and writing this short note to all of my followers. I don’t have any followers, who am I kidding.

With that being said, I’m happy to almost have my life back. I’m fully vaccinated, but still masked up. I don’t feel like taking any chances. I haven’t been to too many movies this year, so I can’t do any movie reviews or my top 10 of the year. Maybe one day, but a lot has changed for me since March 13, 2020. If I can watch a movie at home, I’ll choose to do that instead. I don’t feel the need to sit in a theater with full group of people I don’t know, spreading their germs. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen a movie or two here or there, but I’d rather spend my time outdoors.

Now a question for all two of you, should I walk at my graduation? Since I’ve done it online, I don’t really feel the need to do so. My good friend is going through the program with me and wants me to walk with her. I’m on the fence. I feel the degree itself is satisfaction enough and I don’t really want to make a big deal. My mother already told me she wouldn’t be able to go out there with me, my brother who lives near the school said he didn’t like educated people (he’s a republican), and my dad, who would be the most proud, is no longer with us. I mean I could have my husband come with me, he did ask if I was going to walk? Who knows, the jury is still out on that one.

At the Madcap Motel in Los Angeles

I am disappointed to say that I’ve gained some weight and haven’t been to Disneyland since they no longer sell season passes. I’m not a Key Holder quite yet, maybe in a few weeks. On a happier note, I did join TikTok. I make videos now.

Out for Halloween
Jack and Sally