I did it, I downloaded TikTok. Somehow, I found myself on something called “BookTok”. I swear, I think big brother is always listening. What is BookTok you ask? Well, it’s this special place where people recommend books to readers like me. One author in particular, Colleen Hoover, has an almost cult following on BookTok. She’s mentioned so much I had to finally read one of her novels. I started with Ugly Love, which made me ugly cry, A LOT!

The second book I read of hers also came highly recommended by the BookTok crew (Hey, one of the characters in the story is named Crew), Verity. This was a thriller with many twists and turns. The plot kept me very interested. It’s the story of a shy, almost reclusive author Lowen, who is asked to step in to finish a book series for another author, Verity, who is unresponsive after an automobile accident. Low moves into Verity’s spooky mansion, with Verity’s handsome husband, Jeremy and creepy son, Crew. Low was only meant to stay at the home for a few days, however, days turned to weeks and both Jeremy and Low begin to fall in love with each other. They connect because of the traumas both have faced, as Low just recently lost her mother and Jeremy, his twin daughters and wife in three separate accidents, but were they accidents?

There were many twists and in the end, I couldn’t determine who the true villain was. Verity was twisted ala, Amy Dunn in Gone Girl. We learn a little about her life from the “autobiography” Low happens to find in her home office.

While I liked Ugly Love a lot better, Verity was a fun and worthy read. I give it four out of five Pink Gerber Daisies