Disneyland Magic Key Holder Passes

I love Disneyland, it’s not a surprise if you’ve read any of my previous posts. As a present for both my birthday and graduation, my hubby bought us two-day park hopper passes and an overnight stay at the Grand Californian Hotel and Spa. It was a corner room, overlooking the pool. The room/bed was amazing. I had such a great nights sleep.

We were passholders prior to their shutdown March, 13 2020. We held off on buying the new “passes” to see what kind of issues Magic Key Holders were experiencing. This is what I think of the new pass system so far–

  1. I absolutely do not mind the reservation system. I’m sad that they are not selling anymore of the top tier keys. I believe the Dream and Believe keys are sold out. We got the Enchanted key and will upgrade when the top tier key is available. I mean come on, they’re going to have to release them at some point, right? All of the reservation making will be done by me. We already have two coming up.
  2. The feels are a bit different. I cried when I entered the park for the first time in almost two-years, HOWEVER, there was a different feel to the park. I don’t really know how to describe it. Maybe it’s money grubbing Bob Chapek?
  3. I hate the Genie+ thing. I think it’s stupid to have to pay so much to get to the front of the line. Twenty dollars extra a ticket for each fast pass? I’ll fast pass on that, thanks! This is where I begin to see the greed. This is what annoyed me most about the park. I always paid extra for Max Pass. I didn’t have a problem adding it to my pass. I don’t even care about getting to the front of the line, I have a pass. I can reserve another day and ride specific rides. I can come back and ride only one ride if I feel like it. This is where my cousin and I disagree. She recently went to Disney World with her family, a trip they make every few years. She said Genie+ saved her. I told her it’s pointless for someone who has a pass and goes more than once a year. So it doesn’t really benefit me. The one thing I miss though is the photo pass. I loved that damn photo pass. Now what am I going to use for my Christmas photo card?
  4. Getting off of Rise of the Resistance made me sad, not because I can’t go on it again, but because the last time I went on it things were much happier, it was pre-Covid.
  5. They want us to do everything through the app, but guess what? My ticket is wrong. Somehow, my husband’s ticket is under my name and my ticket is under his name. We have to get that fixed the next time we go to the parks.
  6. In the end, I had a lot of fun and was happy to be back in the parks. BUT I can’t help to think how appreciative other parks were of their passholders, like Knott’s Berry Farm and Universal Studios. They had special days for their passholders, but not the greedy mouse. OMG, am I the problem? Yes, yes I am. I know how greedy the Disney Corporation is and I still contribute to that greed. Damn, I’m so mad at myself! Anyway, enjoy the Disney photos!

Merry Christmas. I’m sitting in a coffeeshop on Christmas Eve thinking of all the Christmas Eves spent with my family and how so much has changed.

The Castle decorated for the holidays.
Outside the Haunted Mansion
Views of the Matterhorn from Fantasyland!
The Pumpkin King?

Rise of the Resistance
Tiana waved at me! She’s my favorite “Modern Princess”. Cinderella is my all time favorite.