And Just Like That…

And just like that, I finished the Sex and the City reboot and boy was it an interesting look back. Why was it a look back? Well, because I decided to revisit some old friends by the names of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. I rewatched the entire series and both movies on HBO Max. I had to reanalyze my thoughts on the OG series, which I’ll talk about later, but first….

And Just Like That was a very divisive show. Looking at the reviews online, some people loved what they did with the characters and some hated it. So let’s talk about the characters. Carrie didn’t just stand there and watch Big die. She was in shock. I almost feel like it was a “time stands still” kind of moment. So I can excuse her for that. Carrie and Big should never have been the end game anyway. His treatment of her in the series was ridiculous, stringing her along all those years, because he couldn’t commit, geez move on. I know, you can’t help who you love, but remember he stood her up at their first wedding and Carrie still blamed herself for not making it about only them!!

Why does Charlotte have to always be everyone’s punching bag? Everyone is so rude to her, including her so called best friends and children. My husband is a huge fan of the original series and was a huge fan of Charlotte’s. There were moments in the show when he even made comments about her treatment by other characters. In the first movie, she poops her pants, in the second they make fun of her for her camel toe and in this series she gets her period without being 1. prepared and 2. wearing white. Why does she always have to be the butt of everyone’s joke. What is it about her that makes her an easy target?

Oh Miranda, how much am I annoyed by you? Well, a lot! Her treatment of Steve was inexcusable. I’m all for people being who they are and living their own truths, but to say that she was never in love with him, just isn’t true. Steve tells her that he was never good enough for her and that is completely true and is evident throughout the entirety of the series and first film. She was lucky someone like Steve loved her. We would all be lucky to be loved by someone like him. I am fully aware that he cheated on her in the first movie, BUT she was the one who decided to forgive him and go back. She could have ended it there and moved on. She forced Carrie to talk with her after keeping a secret from her for months. Steve, I hope the writers give you the courage to move on and find someone who truly appreciates you!

So, does anyone remember the time when Samantha started to date the Brazilian artist. Miranda made fun of Samantha’s sexuality, why is no one talking about that? Miranda was the my most unliked character in the series and first movie, but was fun in the second, so I thought she turned over a new leaf. Well guess what? She’s unlikable again! Che Diaz wasn’t funny, I’m sorry. Her style of “comedy” wasn’t my cup of tea. I’m pretty sarcastic and I like sarcasm, but she was just too preachy and she didn’t make me laugh.

I’m so sad about Willie Garson and that’s all I’m going to say about him.

So now to the OG series Sex and the City. I started watching it when I entered my 20s. My friends and I wanted to be so much like Carrie with her shoes, her fashion and job. Watching it now as a true adult, jaded by life, I realize how ignorant I was, thinking that Carrie was a role model for women in their 20s and 30s. The way she went after Big running around all over the city and the mistakes she made because of him. I was once team Big, not now am team Aidan. We all want that big love, but I can also understand his annoyance at some of the games Carrie played. She says it best in Sex and the City: 2 when she’s talking with Charlotte after her kiss with Aidan, she ran around New York trying to get the man she loved to love her back. She also says something interesting about their love in And Just Like That, his (Big’s) death made her insecure about their relationship like how she was insecure all those years ago.

Samantha was my favorite character. She tells you like it is and doesn’t care what others think.

Thank goodness for HBO Max. Rewatching the series makes me miss my 20s and the fun I had, but also helps me realize how happy I am to be in my relationship. I loved the nostalgia of the past and can’t wait to rewatch it again!

Did I hate And Just Like That? No, I hope there’s a second season. I’d like to see what happens next, especially for Steve (find someone who appreciates you!). Oh and by the way, this girl is heading back to that sexy city in 2022 and I CAN’T WAIT!

Just a girl in Central Park

And Just Like That, I give you 4 Gerber Daisies out of 5, the nostalgia helped a lot! Oh and Carrie uses And Just Like That in every episode of the OG series and both movies!