A Look Back at 2022-It Wasn’t Great!

The year started off better than 2021, you know, when we were still on lockdown, barely going out to explore the world. Then the year took a turn for the worse.

It started off in March, when we lost our sweet little pup, our little lovebug Mia. For years she was on medication for congestive heart failure. About a week before I took her to the vet, she started to act differently, she didn’t eat as much and she was vomiting. I took her to the vet, but there wasn’t much they could do due to her advanced age and enlarged heart. They sent us home with some meds, but the next day she stopped eating, we knew it was time. That night we took her to the emergency vet to be put down. She didn’t even make it around the corner before she passed, in the car on the way. Always watching out for her mama, she didn’t make me make the decision to put her down. She left on her own terms, in our car, in her own bed and blanket with the familiar smells she grew up with. Everything happened so quickly, from the time she got sick to the time she passed away. Her life didn’t begin the greatest. She was a street dog and was pregnant when we adopted her. We didn’t know, we put her to bed one night and the next morning she had multiplied, just like Gizmo in the Gremlins.

We gave her a good life, one filled with love. She lived in a happy home with our other pup Sammy, my husband and me. Who wouldn’t love this face. When she passed away, a little piece of my soul went with her. My sweet baby girl, she’ll always be!

I have her last photo, it’s of me holding her the night she died. She didn’t look sick, she was just laying across my heart, a place she will forever be. I’ll never share this photo, it’s just too private.

Next up, June/July and September and two bouts of Covid. No, I didn’t have Covid twice. I got it at work and tested positive June 29th a great start to my short summer vacation. My husband got it in September, while we were at Disneyland. I never felt sick, just a cough, sore throat and fever I didn’t even know I had. My first night with it, my husband asked me what was for dinner and I said, whatever he wanted to order, I couldn’t cook for him with my Covid infested hands. While I wasn’t super sick with Covid, I did suffer from terrible asthma after. I get asthma during allergy season, so I require an inhaler. On the flip side, I had a ton of uninterrupted time to read and I surpassed last year’s “19 books read” by two, you can do the math, I’m not much of a mathy.

My husband’s case was different. We woke up in the morning for our reservation to Disneyland, we’re Key Holders. He was perfectly fine. We went to breakfast, he made a joke about how I had gotten the “Cooties” (Covid) and he hadn’t. We shared drinks and food all day long. Around 8pm he started coughing in line for Big Thunder Mountain. I thought it was just an excuse for him to get off the ride, it’s not his favorite. He said, “you drank all of my water and I need it.” I said, “You better stop coughing or people are going to think you have Covid.” We got out of line and sat on a bench near the ride. He was sorry because he really needed to go home. I let him know that he would indeed be taking a Covid test when we got home. Unlike a pregnancy test, his positive result came up almost instantly. I welcomed him to the Cootie Club, much to his dismay. We were two and a half years in and thought we were God’s favorite. He didn’t suffer from the “after asthma” like I did. He complained a lot. “How could this happen to me?” “Why me!”, well, why any of us dear hubby? That first night, I asked him, what was for dinner? Let’s face it, he doesn’t cook. Dinner was on me. We were very careful and still are, but sometimes things happen. We do the best we can to stay safe.

In June, my husband’s father passed away. I lost my dad in 2014. I could relate. Since I was stuck quarantine, I wasn’t much help to him or his family. The service was held at Christ Cathedral (formally the Crystal Cathedral) in July, nearly an entire month after he passed. My husband’s other father (his stepfather) was diagnosed with cancer. He’s getting treatment. He’s a vivacious little Frenchman and I know he will pull through.

We need to make sure to visit and appreciate those around us, because we never know when they won’t be.

2022 wasn’t all that bad. We had some good times too, but that’ll be in another post. This one, I’m putting to bed.