May "Unbagging" 2016

It’s that time of the month again, it’s time for my Ipsy May “Unbagging”. I’m so late to the party,  it’s a hectic time at work for me right now. I need to make sure I do the job I get paid for, so this  has to take a backseat. I just wanted to make sure this is posted before June 1st, it’s May 29th so I’m still good. I just got back from watching X-men Apocalypse and while yes, I’m tired, I sort of caught a second wind at 1:17 a.m..

First off, some of my friends/coworkers have given up their monthly subscription to Ipsy. They were tired of paying the $10 a month for things they weren’t going to use or for things they didn’t enjoy. So now they’re using that $10 a month at Sephora to get things they actually want. I paid the year off so I’m stuck, but I’m not quite at the point where I’m annoyed at my bags just yet.

I kept my promise to myself and didn’t peak at my bag beforehand, however this month’s products were a disappointment. I though the best thing to come out of the bag was the lipstick, but in a few moments you’ll find out why it isn’t.

This month’s theme was Destination Chic. The bag itself was adorable. It looks like an envelope with iconic world monuments all over the front and back. I hope that makes sense. It closes with a button front instead of a zipper. The bag came in a few colors. I think pink, but I know for sure blue and purple. I got blue. Now the contents………

I received a full sized lipstick from Mellow Cosmetics. Somehow this name rings a bell. It was in the color Nude. The site says it’s a long-wearing Creamy Matte Lipstick. I disagree. It is a matte for sure, however it is neither long-wearing nor creamy.  It goes on dry, tugs at my lips and the worst part is that it bunches into a ball in the corners of my mouth. I can not find, on the FAQs page, 

if these products are cruelty-free. I like the color and I believe it is similar to the color Anna, by Nars. I’m not saying that this is a dupe, because the textures are completely different. I would have continued to wear this lipstick, but I checked up on their ingredients. This lipstick has Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate, a an anti-caking agent. Obviously it doesn’t work because it cakes up in my corners. This ingredient is on the list of toxic ingredients in make-up. It’s a neurotoxin that can affect the nervous system. So in the trash she goes, If you’re still interested in checking out this product, Mellow Creamy Matte Lipsticks are $13.  Mellow Cosmetics

I also got the Smashbox X-RATED mascara. This is a bitty sample size because a full size runs for $22. I wasn’t impressed with this mascara. I like the Full Exposure mascara better than this one. I didn’t feel like it plumped up my eyelashes. I don’t know if Smashbox is cruelty-free or not. I went onto their website and it’s a disorganized mess. There is just far too much going on. I’ll probably never purchase one on my own. If your’re still interested, here is the Smashbox site. Smashbox  Hell, even the URL is a mess. 

The one thing that I got and love is the Hanalei Lip Treatment from the Hanalei Beauty Company. Kauai has been my family’s vacation spot for many years. A part of my heart is in Kauai. Hanalei Bay is right up the street from where we stay when we visit. The lip treatment tastes sweet on the lips. I used it after my sugar scrub treatment. A full sized lip treatment in $25. Needless to say I didn’t get a full size. I got a tiny sample. The website claims that this is “Hawaii’s best kept secret”. Hanalei Company

In this never ending bag of duds I got the Hikari Cosmetics bronzer in Radiate. The bronzer is way to warm for me. It’s in a quad and looks to be a full sized shimmer bronzer. The sections with the shimmer were a little rough when I swatched them. The non shimmer colors were more velvety. I guess you could try to use one color at a time, but each square is super tiny so good luck trying to get your brush to pick up only one color. According to the site, you are suppose to swirl your brush around the entire palette. I have to be honest and say that I haven’t used this bronzer. While these products are apparently cruelty free, according to their site, they do use the toxin Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate. In the trash this product will go. Hikari Cosmetics

The last thing I got that I didn’t care for either was the Hungary Hair Oil from Eva NYC. This product didn’t come with instructions. I always look on the company websites for the products that I get in my bag, but it would be nice to get a little something with directions about each product. You can use this oil on wet or dry hair. You pour a little (and I mean tiny) amount on your hands, rub together and them rub on your hair. I tried this Saturday. I already washed my hair in the morning, so I used it on the ends of my already dried hair. I typically have oily roots and drier ends. I wasn’t wowed by this product and it’s something that I wouldn’t buy on my own.  I have seen these products at Target and Walgreens. A 1 oz. treatment in $8 and a 3.38 oz. treatment is $20. I won’t really use this product because I don’t have the thickest hair either, I guess I’m just thin and greasy. Sometimes I use coconut oil infused with lavender on the ends of my hair and for me that works just fine. Eva NYC

Overall, this bag was a dud. I am keeping my promise to myself and I won’t look at June’s contents beforehand.

This blog is dedicated to my friend Julie who was laid to rest yesterday.