ColourPop Your Eyes

Oh ColourPop, our relationship almost ended, but I decided to give you a second chance. I’ve already written two blog posts about their Ultra Satin Lip Color. Of the four colors I purchased, I love two, like one and hate the last. I have quite a few of the Super Shock Shadows. At the end of this post, I’ll have pictures with color names and swatches. For descriptions of each color, I’ll add the link to the ColourPop website. I may list the color description under each photo, but I won’t spend a lot of time in this post discussing the colors.
First Purchase

I initially bought three shadow colors at $5 a piece. A bright hot pink because it looked fun, a metallic blue frosty color and a brown. A few weeks back, ColourPop had a 20% off everything sale, so I picked up quite a few more colors.

Second Purchase

One thing I hate about this, is that you can only purchase online. I like to swatch colors before purchasing them because I don’t want to get stuck with something I won’t use. You can’t obviously do that if you’re shopping online. I held off from purchasing ColourPop for that exact reason. Sure they give you a color description, and I purchase colors that I think will go good with my skin tone, but that doesn’t always work out. During the sell, I bought about nine more colors, a highlighter in Spoon and two Ultra Satin Lip Colors.

The first time I purchased from ColourPop, I didn’t buy that much, so my products came in a envelope, with a personalized note. One of the eyeshadows came in shattered. I heard that they are easy to repair because of their texture. I’m not a huge fan of their packaging. There isn’t much protecting the eyeshadows from the hazards of the mail. 

It’s very hard to describe the texture of these eyeshadows. They seem to be a bit squishy. They’re creamy, not quite wet. It’s all so confusing.

Some of the colors are hard to use. For example, I don’t really know what to do with Slave to Pink. I can’t use it as a transition color, because what is it transitioning to? I decided to try to use it as an all over my lid color, with eyeliner and mascara and it just looked like I had an eye infection, pink eye…. There is a ton of glitter/shimmer fall out from this color, Sugar and I Heart This (my favorites). The fallout isn’t as bad if you pat your lids rather than drag across. But I still get shimmer/glitter specks in the outside corners of my eyes. 

Some of the colors are highly pigmented and that’s great. Some of the colors are not pigmented at all and that’s bad. I had to build up a color called Girly and after about two uses, I’ve hit pan. Even at $4 this shouldn’t happen. Make sure that you keep the lid on tightly because the colors will dry out.

There are seven different pigments; Satin, Pearlized, Matte, Glitter Sheer, Metallic, Ultra Metallic, and Pressed Pigment. I’m not sure what the difference is between the pressed pigments and the other colors. They all seem to be pressed pigments.  The metallic/ultra metallic shades seem to be more pigmented than the pearlized and satin shades.

Applying the color is a bit awkward. I found that tapping it on with my finger works best. I don’t use brushes with these eyeshadows when I’m covering my lids. I just dab my finger in the pot and apply. The cool thing about ColourPop is that they send you directions with tips on how to apply the eyeshadow and lipstick. They have recommendations on how to use the shadows with brushes. I do use a fluffy brush from Makeup Academy to pick up crease colors. Again, I tap on the color, I don’t rub. I don’t really care for using a brush with these shadows though.

I found that using the Painterly primer pot from MAC, doesn’t work with these eyeshadows. at all and this is usually my go-to primer. I have one last MAC primer that I bought a while ago, but once it’s gone, I’m done buying/using products from MAC. The best primer I’ve used with these colors has to be the Original Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer.

I’ll use what I have, but I’m unsure if I’ll buy anymore from ColourPop. I am curious about a few more colors and at their price point, I may give them a try. I wasn’t impressed with one lip color and my Lyin’ King Ultra Satin Lip color is changing in consistency. I’m a bit worried about the types of chemicals they use in their products. The idea of these shadows is very cool, but they’re so awkward to apply and not much comes in each pot. They’re pigmentation is not consistent and I don’t believe the colors are described correctly on the site, as in the case of Hanky Panky.  

I would give ColourPop 3 out of five Pink Gerber Daisies. There were some hits, but there were also quite a few misses. Here’s the link to the ColourPop website for color descriptions and products.  Below are pictures of the shadows and swatches of each color. ColourPop

Pearlized Finish
Partridge Saddle Brown
Tink Charcoal Grey and Glow Vanilla

Acron Cool Beige and Mixed Tape Cool Grey

Pearlized Finish

Vanity Fair Silvery Taupe and Girly Creamy Vanilla


Hanky Panky Soft Cool Taupe


I Heart This Cool Silvery Taupe (A favorite)

Slave to Pink (Broken)

Sugar (a favorite and Metallic)