SPOILERS***Independence Day Resurgence: See It or Save Your Money?

SPOILERS…..Stop reading now if you still want to watch the movie.

A few years ago, when I heard that Independence Day was getting a sequel, my heart skipped a little beat. I remember exactly where I saw Independence Day in 1996, with whom and when. I remember every single detail, 20 years later! I loved/love that movie. I have a copy on DVD, it’s one of my favorites. As a matter of fact, last year, my husband and I went to see Independence Day (the original) on the “big screen” at the Honda Center in Anaheim. So when it was announced a few years ago that a sequel was in the works, I was over the moon with excitement. 

Then it was announced that Will Smith wasn’t going to be in the sequel because of other commitments (Suicide Squad?) and I began to worry. He’s the star of the movie, how could he not be in it. He made 2 sequels to Men in Black. Independence Day was 1000x’s better than Men in Black. It was also announced that Mae Whitman wouldn’t be returning as Patricia Whitmore either. There were some rumors about this recasting, apparently she didn’t have the “look” to be romancing Liam Hemsworth’s character. Basically, she wasn’t a big boobed blonde?

Guess what? The actress they did cast in the part, did a horrible job. Her acting seemed forced, there was absolutely no chemistry between Hemsworth and Maika Monroe, who played Patty Whitmore and she just didn’t seem right for the part. To be honest, I felt that most of the acting was bad. Liam Hemsworth was not a great replacement for Will Smith. The charm of Captain Steven Hiller was truly missed. Even Bill Pullman, who was awesome as our 1996 president, just seems to be a shell, a parody, of his former self. In this movie, he seemed more like the crazy character Randy Quaid played instead of someone who once led the world into victory against the ET’s. Vivica A. Fox, what was your point in the film? Really, her part seemed non existent and then she died!!! Sela Ward was a waste of a really great actress. Her character was more hateable than likable. Jeff Goldblum was probably the best thing in this joke of a film and even his acting seemed silly. Oh and what happened to his (ex) wife, the one who he got back together with in the last movie. There was no mention of her. Actually, the best part of the movie wasn’t Jeff Goldblum, it was Jessie T. Usher who played Dylan Hiller. He wasn’t as mediocre as the rest of the cast.  

The plot holes….. there were so many plot holes!  Why didn’t the world know that there was a 20 year Alien War going on in Africa? How and when did Captain Steven Hiller die? How and when did Jasmine Hiller go from stripper to doctor? Where is David’s wife and what happened to their relationship. Who are those kids in the car? Oh and just because Judd Hirsch says, “hey come live with me,” they do. The kids didn’t need to be in the movie, they served no purpose. I know that Judd Hirsch’s character is reflecting on not having grand kids and these four are the substitution, but there’s not context to it. It’s just, we drove to Area 51 together, so now come live with me. Weird.  

Why wasn’t the aliens’ technology more advanced in 20 years. They had a bigger ship, that’s it. Who the hell is Catherine Marceaux? (Charlotte Gainsbourg goes from nymphomania to scientist in 3.0 seconds. Sorry lame attempt at a joke). That alien ball is just dumb. That ball is going to save the planet? Why couldn’t the good aliens fly in and help the earthlings. The plot was just really really bad!

The CGI was terrible! You’d think that in 20 years the alien technology and the CGI would be better than what we had to sit through. This movie was really really bad. Will Smith and Mae Whitman, you both dodged a bullet with this one. It had huge shoes to fill and just couldn’t. I didn’t care about the characters and it lacked the humor and charisma of the first film. SAVE your money or go see The Shallows instead.  

My husband and I went to see Independence Day: Resurgence Friday, opening night, and the theater was not full at all. This picture was taken about ten minutes before the movie started. 

Independence Day: Resurgence gets 1 out of 5 Pink Gerber Daisies.