ColourPop Super Shock Eyeshadow June Purchase

I’m obsessed with these eye shadows! I love the way they feel. Don’t get me wrong some colors suck. I’ve had massive issues with Girly and Glow. I’ve already hit pan with both colors. I bought a bunch of colors when ColourPop was having their 20% off sale back in April. Because their prices are so affordable, ColourPop rarely goes on sale.

One of my favorite colors is called I Heart This. What I do is cover my lid with Stark from the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette and then go over it with I Heart This and the effect is amazing. It’s very shimmery and beautiful. 

Be careful, because sometimes I feel that ColourPop’s descriptions are off. I found that these shadows do crease with the NYX primer. They don’t crease and they last all day with the Urban Decay primer. Does ColourPop sell a shadow primer? I know they sell a lip primer. 

In early June, I decided to purchase some more shades, even though I was on the fence about buying anymore. I had a bad experience with one of their Ultra Satin Lipsticks and, like I said before, I hit pan after only using Girly and Glow a few times. At $5 a piece I thought I’d give the products another try. So, I bought these. Again, some of the colors are STUNNING and others are great to use on top of other shadows.
All of the new colors minus Fringe

One color that I absolutely adore is Weenie. It is so beautiful swatched. It’s a pink rose gold pearlized finish according to ColourPop. It glides on like butter. I can’t even describe how beautiful this color is. I’ve used it quite a few times now and this is one color I will repurchase. I used to not like these types of colors, but as I’ve gotten older and my dark brown eyes have gotten lighter, I really gravitate towards the golds.  Swatched, this color looks like liquid gold, it’s beautiful!!


The next color is very similar to Weenie and is also rose gold, but in an Ultra-metallic finish called La La. I’ve also used this color a few times. Once as an all over the lid color. To me the swatch wasn’t as opaque as Weenie. I still think it’s beautiful and I will repurchase this color again. This is the color I was wearing when I noticed creasing with the NYX primer. 

La La
Below is a side by side of La La and Weenie. They’re obviously similar and you don’t need both. I love them equally, but if I had to choose, I would probably just buy Weenie. It seems to be more pigmented than La La, however La La is an Ultra Metallic.  

Weenie and La La

Another color that I bought and have used a few times is the color Fringe. It’s a metallic champagne color with gold and silver sparkles. I’ve only used this on top of other colors because I know it’s not very opaque. I’m curious to see how it would work with Bare Minerals Queen Anne. Something to try.


A color that is similar to Fringe is called Lovely. Again, this is a color to put over another color, because it’s very light. It’s a metallic, soft light gold.

These colors are very light and are best suited to layer on top of another color. Here they are side by side with I Heart This. You don’t need all three. If I had it all to do over again, I would only get I Heart This.
I Heart This, Lovely and Fringe

I also bought Liberty. According to ColourPop, it’s an Ultra-metallic true silver. Like Weenie above, it swatches like liquid silver. It’s stunning. I used it on the 4th of July all over the lid. It’s a little difficult to use this with another color, except for maybe creating a smokey eye look. This swatch, however is just heavenly.  The heavens have opened and the angels are singing. That’s how I feel about this color.


The next color I bought was Eye Candy, a cool toned Lavender. This is one that I haven’t used yet. It seems to be a little light, but this may look good layered over another shade. It seems a little light on it’s own.
Eye Candy

Keeping with the purple theme, I purchased Stereo. The swatch does not do this color justice. As a matter of fact, when I first swatched this color I thought it was ugly and regretted buying it. Stereo is a blackened burgundy, with copper and pink violet glitter in metallic. It looks great on the outer corner of the lid. After wearing it out, this color quickly became my favorite of the bunch. In the swatch it looks more bronze/brown, but is more of a purple tone on the lid. 


Wearing Stereo on a night out

The last color I got was in Bubbly. I love the color pink. I have so many pink shadows with Bare Minerals. Again this is a good color to layer on top of another shadow. I find that ColourPop doesn’t have a wide selection of pink shadows. According to the ColourPop site, this is a true pink with silver and bubble gum pink glitter. 


Many in the ColourPop shadow line are neutral in tone. I’m not a huge fan of the matte’s and I didn’t get any matte colors when I made this latest purchase. The lighter colors do not build up. I’ve mentioned this issue before in another post. The lighter shades layered on a powder shadow, like those from the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette, work beautifully, but on their own, there is no pigment, just shimmer. Blending the darker colors in the crease can be a bit tricky. Because you can only purchase ColourPop online and their descriptions don’t really match their products, each purchase is really either a hit or miss. At $5 a shadow, it’s worth it to play. Maybe in another post, I’ll list my faves and hates. Actually “hates” is such a harsh word and I really don’t hate any. I know there are some I won’t repurchase.  

I am well passed the age that ColourPop is targeting. It’s a young, fun company, that really got notoriety through YouTube. I’m not old by any means, but really I’m passed the target demographic. I wouldn’t have known about this company if it wasn’t for the fact that I use social media. Don’t get me wrong, anyone can use these products and age really is just a number. As long as you are happy with who you are, nothing else matters. Do what you like and enjoy!